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Used once and tossed aside. It’s choking the ocean. You’d never eat it, but it’s now part of your diet. What are we talking about?If you

#ของมันต้องมี2019Welcome CHAAUM STUDIO


Homemade fun. Family softball on the farm from this past weekend. Yes, we use Amazon boxes for bases. And @hunter_pinke was thrown out at third.

You’ve probably heard of it! @ecosia is a search engine that plants a tree every time its used thru ad revenue that they gain. They’re a legit


This green environmental technology has the advantage of “transforming food waste into valuable products”. In between 24 to 48 hours, under high

We had about 40 people total, tons of kiddos!! There is no group photo today as we were all hustling!! @kotakevnnews Black Hills Fox will air their '

На прошлой неделе в Instagram многие репостили видеоролик СпасиПланету #saveplanet

Bamboo ToothBrushes.✅Eco-Friendly!✅Hypoallergenic!✅Antimicrobial!✅All around better then plastic❗️.Be part of the solution; not the

Worry not, For we are here to help.Shift to using organic biodegradable plates and cups and have a hastle free worklife. 📌For bulk orders contact

One size fits all handmade kimono ....💙 $24+SH💙...Can be worn with multiple outfits; dresses, pants, shorts or jeans..... #kimono


One size fits all kimono handmade from a saree....💙 $24+SH💙.. I have 3 available in this pattern. ..Can be worn with multiple outfits;

Throwing it back to when @aa_rons and I hiked the infamous Mission Peak!⛰-The weather was perfect that day. The clouds were blocking the sun just

Are you using wet bags yet? An eco friendly ♻️ product designed to replace any plastic bags in your life. A multitude of uses and available in

Happy Tuesday people! Today's consisted of cleaning out a customer's old office pc's, wiping them and getting them ready to be sold off to new homes


#Repost @venetasystem• • • • • •Pilih #TintaPrinter yang #RamahLingkunganVeneta System satu-satunya jasa refill toner di Indonesia

Are you ready? #plasticfreejuly.Check the link in the Bio for some tips and help to guide you through a successful Plastic Free month and beyond!.

Good evening~~!! " " I'm here!!"🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️ ~~2019-0617~~ Ver.25~~ "Every day, I pass by countless people & image. Some of

The Order of Engineers & Architects of Beirut – OEA in collaboration with HEALCordially invites you to a conference presented by the global waste

Homemade pesticide in a repurposed argo tea bottle

One of the available coffee tables!🍏🍐 follow us on Facebook to see what furniture is available for sale currently! Link in bio ✨✨


The #justicjohn wallet is named after a boy named John who had a heart for justice for those who were/are trafficked.***Free shipping on

The Lord really be knowing EXACTLY what I need. 😩🙌🏽😭 And no, I’m not sorry about my improper english. 🤷🏽‍♀️ When I tell y’

I will literally paint on anything. This piece of concrete was just not being used, so I painted it and gave it purpose. When I traveled with a band

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We not only refuse plastics, but we reuse jars, bottles, bags, cups, etc to reduce our trash intake. ..How do you reduce, reuse & recycle

“Being green is more than buying ‘ eco ‘. It’s an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. “Yes, our packaging are eco friendly

@wasteless_pantry a one stop shop to get all your cleaning products plus a few extras.Easy to do and the staff are really helpful. Just take in

Q: How to be creative with plastic cups? A: Flower pots.This restaurant in Phnom Penh found a very useful way to reuse their plastic cups as flower


Morning activities! I left this little invitation out this morning for my daughter. Perfect for tracing practise and fine motor skills- something I

This is our #JusticJohn wallet, it’s made out of #upcycle tires that are filling up land fills. Which is pretty cool, to have a trendy looking

Our students at widefield elementary recycled over 20lb of markers for the Crayola recycling program ♻️🖍️ #emilyjg #crayola #recycle

We hope you had an awesome Father’s Day! ***Shop link in bio!

JUNE 2019 | 18Yes! Finally I've managed to write letters and send them out today. But there is a few more left, 😅🤭 Have a very safe journey

Make everyday better for the environment. If you haven’t started using reusable bags for groceries it’s never too late to make a difference. These

➡️ scroll through. Not only were these gelatos absolutely delicious but the clear tubs are perfect for imaginary play, number recognition and


For a better world, repeat it! 🌎🔄 Reduzir, reusar, reciclar, repetir.... dica sobre o próximo vídeo: este ciclo e junho, que além da nossa

13. Ran into my Ex 😒Fentyways, did you know scientists estimate that 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in OUR oceans each year? On top of

This magical mirror will trap your soul if you see yourself in it for more than 3min also if is a full moon you could ask questions like “ mirror