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It dosen't matter if you are 15 or 35 , boy or girl ,man or women , whether you have been to worst conditions or born with a silver spoon. All it

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I hope your weekend was so productive that you were excited to keep it rolling this Monday.  What’s not to be excited about?  Look at Mondays as a

#EdisiRamadhanOS' : "Inilah kehidupan, ujian dari Allah. Apakah dia mampu? ... InsyaAllah setiap ujian dari Allah akan mendapatkan berkah yang begitu

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Prepare your plan it doesn't matter if it's not perfect and start execution. don't wait for the perfect plan because sometimes even the perfect plan

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor 🌊✨

Deze week weer 2 kansen om te genieten van Yin Yoga. Maandag- en donderdagavond om 18u30. Yin yoga vraagt je om een uur lang geen moeite te doen,

This amazing quote is in one of our rooms in the Warsaw office! 🏙Marie is our inspiration and the patron of the room named in her honour. 🙌 


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(( the dance: ))I waltzed into your hearton a Saturday night,you said don’t even startbecause I’m not in the mood to fight.I was in a red

Из всех существующих философских систем русскому человеку несомненно ближе всего экзистенциализм. При всяком удобном случае русский человек с удовольствием хочет предаться своему экзистенциализму. И когда советскому интеллигенту стало ясно, что больше ничего не покажут, он лег себе на спину и стал созерцать облака и звезды. Эдуард Лимонов

“Abbi cura di te. Sii ciò che tu vuoi essere, non ciò che gli altri vogliono che tu sia.Non ridere a forza. Piangi se ne senti il bisogno,


“A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener.” - Henry David Thoreau 🌱🌧...And importantly, our dams just that little bit

Assalamua'laikum Sahabat,.BSM Umat kali ini akan membagikan beberapa menu sehat yang dapat Sahabat konsumsi ketika berbuka puasa..antara lain:1.

Lol.. is this supposed to be a coded message?? 😨😁😱***************************************************************************************


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Nama Allah Ta’ala yang maha mulia ini disebutkan dalam sebuah hadits yang shahih, dari Abdullah bin Mas’ud radhiyallahu ‘anhu bahwa

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Enough said.


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💎Happy Monday! 💎 I have two fundraisers going for Nationals right now! You can buy a t-shirt for $15 or buy a square in my square fundraiser for

"Let your pain have a purpose.The loss. The hurt. The heartbreak. The failure. It's not final. Let it have a purpose." - @biancaolthoffYou got

Feliz domingo! Recárgate de energía y prepárate para la semana que viene 💪

Inner focus creates beauty. Conscious choises make your way easy. You are focused when you chose to go your own path. - Leopard.. #photographer


It takes humbleness to be able to live in harmony with the world. It is easy to be humble in mind when you are confident in yourself - Tiger..

«Le style est comme le crystal, sa pureté fait son éclat.»Victor ShadracVa, Vis, Deviens...Shadrac__________________________«Style is like

Why do you write?1. It's my hobby2. I wanna tell something3. Because of someone4. Writing down my emotions5. I have no clue.. just started.

And then this 😘😊.... 👑 ..........🦋🌈 👑👸🏼 👑 ...Didn’t realize until recently I’m having issues trusting