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É amanhã! Adiante e garanta sua casadinha pra nossa pista com 5H de open! 😈 5H de open 30 conto: 😈 Convoca o

Ah uuFive six seven oh nineOh loving you (i know drawing yourself is narsistic but guess what? im very that!

Say a very warm HAIII to your new queer officer, @raphcanty ! Raph joins @mooreandie as office bearer for the Queer Department temporarily until by-

this is too loud AkJSHSHS -👹——Hotlines:Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line (Canada)1-800-268-9688 or text 647-694-4275

Idk why straight ppl are single when they have so many fish in the sea

I just want a boyfriend 🙄 boys at my school are so caught up in their ego tho😭😭

Procrastination is taking this photo 6 months ago, finally editing it 2 weeks ago, and only posting it now. Prove you're worse. I'll wait.

No puedo resistirrrrrr.... Esta es la gran favorita... Te megarifaste olv @p_fudaryli .... Me encanta tu esencia, Gracias! 🙏Outfit @d_l_wear

a different account that I used to admin was hacked or sabotaged by one of the admins and we aren’t using it anymore 😢-- #photography #photo

Our Legendary Fox Fish Plate 👌🏼Salt & mountain pepper squid, saffron & chilli prawns, mussels and beer battered barramundi, with chips, salad,

flower king @troyesivan.a messy sketch of a touring angel.a flying gayngel flies across the tracob au here: @rosestracob stream bloom

BAM! 💥 Don’t forget it 🧠

this is my gf and i like everyday lmaooo. gush about your s.o or crush in the comments!!! mine is the smartest, most froglike girl i know and i luv

Celebrating mi amigo de Mexico Beto’s birthday !! Feliz cumpleaños Sabrina 🧸🌈🎈Thank you @mimihorse We really had a great time

Will you Join us for our #NYC premiere on this year’s Trans Day of Visibility, (March 31st) at 3:00PM? Come on out to @clubgroovenyc and join us


What you looking at?

Creo que te estoy conociendo más y más, y me estoy enamorando de tí más profundamente. No puedo ver a las otras personas como solía hacerlo antes

2 new #pride cats now on Etsy! Gender-fluid pride & Queer pride!


{TW: Eating Disorders} ⁣I will preface this weeks posts by saying this is only my personal experience and cannot be used as a guideline to what

Still in awe of the inspiration and powerful women that flow through this city.

Recuerden, las mujeres trans también somos mujeres de verdad verdad, no somos androides o especies de otra galaxia, no estamos enfermas, ni

everyone deserves to be happy with who they love. but most importantly who they are . make every month your month !.-the part with the words read:

Mujeres trans, mujeres de “verdad verdad”Ser trans no es algo nuevo. En culturas aborígenes existen las llamadas personas de dos espíritus. En