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Sharing some new studio work...Happy Saturday, Friends! Floating, 3D, fiber optic sculpture terminated with new fungal sculptures. // by Annie

Some basic lips. (1)Green lips. (2)red and black checkerboard lips (3)over drawn red cartoon lips (4)purple and blue lips. #lips #overdrawnlips

Abstract look 2 ——————————————————————————— Model - @arturo_vega_p | MUA by me | Photo -

Bumblebee and Meadow Sage (Salvia Pratensis). .Handheld shot from a walk yesterday and it was a bit windy, so this isn’t as sharp as I wanted but


A few of you may have seen this beautiful romper in my stories this weekend. Make sure you’re following @handmade_by_charley to watch for the

What's scary is that hanako looks exactly like my quiet cousin.AC : envorse I thinkSong : Jenny on the blockManga : toilet bound hanako kun

📿 Chakra insta-series 📿Ajna or third eye 💜•Foundation: associated with our intuition, wisdom, and ability to make decisions•Block:


No monkey business here 🙊. Take a look at our coffee cupcake palette. ☕

This is definitely one of my favorite palettes so far from the @boxycharm subscription! This was so much fun to play with.. pink and purple is my jam

I’m not excited to work a 12 hour shift tomorrow 🙃 someone pls just stab me

I found these perfect purple sunglasses for the Memorial Day Weekend 💜 #teamPurple approved. Join #theMovement today. Sell a house > http://

Over edited pic and me cry laughing


Got put on the schedule a few more times for the garden center. I'm pretty excited. Short shifts. But that's okay. I'm glad I get to be out there

*NFS*"Ascension"Cactus amethyst, carved amethyst skull, and Welo opal are a healing powerhouse, promoting both physical and mental healing,



This is my first lost do not be bad with it ✨💜 Dont forget to

Crazy busy weekend planned. Already got some sun. This Soothe Rescue mask has saved me. Cool sensation and calming to my skin. LOVE it



Time to say goodbye to these 3 beauties, they are about to live new adventures on other continents. Thanks a lot for your confidence girls, enjoy your

A beautiful figure

bewitching smile

You are beautiful just being there