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Nutmeg appreciation post #084_4_legged_friend #picturethis365She's 5 months old now, and still doing annoying puppy stuff like peeing or pooping in

Elliot 🐶

To adorable! #dogsofinstaworld #doggy #doge #dogoftheday #dog #pupper #puppie #puppy #adorable #cute #amazing #dogstagram #fun #love #thebest

My good friend @nattee_hood is training these two Amber Cooper pups. They are currently available and will have exceptional manners thanks to Wade

Hi i’m Bo the man of the house😁. My parents might not think so but i sure do. I’m also new to this whole instagram thing and i’m kinda shy

PetsOriginal face is @prince._zuko ➰-Please show them some love and follow their adventures! -Share pics at #petsoriginal or @petsoriginal for a

We hope you had a magical Monday! Looks like @peach_the_corgi is showing her Gryffindor courage by taking on the week with a smile

Catching up after the weekend with this post from foster dad, @dmitriysdogs !! He’s out and about with adoptable Rob Thomas, the puppy

“No saben hablar pero sabrán acompañar tu silencio”...Te Adoro Mi Princesa 😍😍😍

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Who doesn’t love cuddles like this on a Monday night??? 🐾

🐾🐶let’s Ride 🚗🚗🐾🐶

F: let's do some yoga!W: go crazy

I’m finally back home in Long Beach which means more zoomies and posts coming your way 🤩

Happy Monday you beautiful people. What a fun weekend! Mao and I had so much fun that I forgot about #nationalpuppyday on Saturday. This day was

Sommmmebody was telling me it was her dinner time. Like her momma, she does NOT like to wait. Don’t worry, I fed her and her brothers before I

🦊: last morning stroll with Father Hiro before I head back to KL. And so we took the father & son shot, daddy said we are 90% identical. Woofft!