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You’re either boring me with your dumb words... or, I drank your tequila 🐕 Oh, I also used your rug to scratch my anus in that slidey weird


One ear up incase I hear the fridge opening 🥓

Time for bed! 😴


Anyone with a newborn can relate to feeling so tired that you will literally sleep anywhere! @ettolrahc_nehc 💤💤💤

Welp, it’s been 9 days accident free. Mom found me a dry tree pit this morning but I still can see it’s raining again. Maybe I’ll poop on the


Ready for a big day 🥳🐶

*Found Another Video Of Her First Night Home.. Had To Dig Pretty Deep For This!.. Pretty Sure This Is The Last One 😃+Haeb Pawntaztix #tbt

When you’re sleepy after a long walk but your FOMO makes you too afraid to miss out on any action 💛🙈💕••• #toocute #sleepingbeauty

Our baby is a whopping 72lbs now! 72lbs at 4 months old with a perfect clean bill of health. Vet said he is exactly where he is supposed to be! 💕

Throwback to when I was a small pupper and only 5 weeks old! That’s when my pawrents saw me for the first time 🥰 now I already weigh 13 kilo and


Anyone else gots to have the second sleeps after mormnink walks?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #aussiesofinstagram

I think sleeping is my best specialty❤️🐶😴•Go check out @thewiggleproject and use the code ‘ TEDDY15 ‘ for 15% off your order!•

12 weeks old 🐾


Got my first #pupbox! Can’t belif all dis was for me! Lub all my new toys 🧸! Oh, and on Saturday I’ll be 3 months old

Let us out! 🚔🔑🔒⚖..Nb Elijah actually locked himself and Hugo in the crate after 'walking' him on his leash. Also no dogs or children


We love visits from our VIP (very important pups)! Today Winnie came in for treats and cuddles. ❤️🐶 #treatyoself #frenchbulldog

Does Your animal is also as happy as this dog here when he see You? 😍. @daizutheshiba

ONE whole year around the sun today 🎈

ATTENTION DONT LOOK IF YOU CAN NOT SEE BLOOD OR OPEN WOUNDS😩😋••••This is for everyone who keeps asking how the tracheostoma look

Always super sleepy💓

I guess I don‘t like other dogs this much🙄...

Loving the sun😇

With every broken bone I swear I lived. 😋