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Sleepy time! Pups are 15 days old today! Hearing is beginning as well as most eyes are open 👀🐶💕🐾 #greenvalleygoldendoodles

We have so many puppies just waiting for a family to love them. 💕They need a home to grow up in, maybe you know someone who needs a new pup? 🐶

ㅁㅓㄹㅣㅇㅔ 풀ㄸㅔㄱㅣ 붙ㅇㅣ고 정신없ㅇㅣ 봄ㄴㅐ음 맡는 전덕이,,, 킁킁,,, 🌼ㄱㅕ울 ㅂㅏ람 냄ㅅㅐ와는 또 ㄷㅏ른 냄ㅅㅐㄱㅏ ㄴㅏ는ㅈㅣ 엉ㄱㅓ주춤한 ㅈㅏㅅㅔ로 한참 동안 킁킁,,, 🌱

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I had a ruff day today. I was chewing on a raisin at the park today and mom thought I swallowed one and raisins can cause renal failure in doggos, so

Bruhhh, I’m Ending Today With Bops’n Wawa With Chocolate Ice Cream. I Had A Candle Lit So I Could See But My GF Made Me Blow It Out And Now I’m

Well turns out March 23 is National Puppy Day. Somehow I missed it even though we breed Labrador Retrievers. Anywho here's some cute puppy pics from a

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🐶 The local gathering around the water hole to cool down 😂 We have one very wet Koume, Harley, Marlo, Calvin, Ruby and big boy Dash

ma, you caught me off guard 🐯

¡Amamos los perritos!🐶 🐕 ¿Te gustaría que tu mascota estuviera en tu pastel de cumple? Envíanos la foto de la tuya y personalízalo vía DM

멋있는 ㅜ나

Mommmmm leave me alone

I love this photo so darn much!!!😍😍😍💙❤❤ It's so pretty! Hehe because of kobe is sitting there

Purina Gourmet Gold Tarrine comida para gatos con Pollo 24 x 85 g. ⚡️💥Nombre de estilo:Pollo Tu #gato es un verdadero experto y le gusta

Over here practicing my ‘look-away candid’ shots at @thegrovela - influencers take notes 😎 PS, swipe➡️ to see my new friend 😍


doods, dad asked mom to marry her and she said yes!! my hoomans are going to be together forever!! 💘

Chewing is my second favorite activity. Snuggling up with a blanket is my first (of course)!

Our blue eyed merle female is ready for her furever home! We’ll even consider trading her for a compact female frenchie. DM is for more info.

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My beautiful Khloe🌺 •first born •daddy’s girl •ball of energy •3 weeks vs 2 weeks oldI can’t wait to watch you grow into such a