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Douce nuit à vous les wonders mum ! Aujourd’hui marraine était là du coup c’était une très bonne journée en plus je ne suis pas au top donc

This bad ass girl turned 21 today! I am overwhelmed with so much love towards this amazing human. Cheers to many more birthdays and a lifetime of

Got a new cookbook in the mail today so naturally I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast! They're so delicious, too! Much better than they look

There will be so many times you feel like you've failed. But in the eyes, heart and mind of your children you are a supermom! #forallthemothers

Lukisan yg menceritakan penangkapan Pangeran Diponegoro saat diajak berundingdilukis dengan menggunakan aksara jawaSemoga menginspirasimu dear

Sei que no meio de tantas opiniões, o melhor conselho para educar a minha princesa é seguir o meu instinto de mãe. No entanto, gosto de ler sobre

To nejsem já před 25 lety, to je Holčička dneska. Když jsem ji viděla v těch nadkolenkách a v šatech s kytičkami bylo to jako pohled do

I'm so happy to be caring for this joyful little one whom is my daughter #proudmother

Can you spot blue pair of earrings?? 😄..I know I know it doesn't go with my pink floral outfit but still I love to wear n click pics with this

One of my twin boys hates the Social media , while the other does not mind it.... So with Special permission from him I just want to say welldone

☀️☀️☀️ Mais comme ca fait du bien ce soleil 😉Non Côme ne marche pas seul, il a bien trop la flemme 😂 #mixedfamily #mixedbaby

So proud of my daughter. She's been accepted into college! This proud Mum had to get her a little something for being accepted. #collegestudent

Today I ain't scared of NOTHING or NO ONE. I've pushed 2 beautiful humans out of my lady parts so trust me I'm fearless 😂

En dan maak je voor een opdracht voor school dit gedicht in 10 minuten tijd.... @mfranklin_OldOld as time, Old as the universe, Old as my grandma'

Yeaayyy anak Mama hebat, walau masih gugup, masih berantakan gaya2nya.. tp di pengalaman pertama battle 1 on 1 kamu sudah hebat. Mama bangga deh sm

Wir machen uns heute einen sooooo richtig gemütlichen Samstag.Keine Hausarbeit, keinen Einkauf.Nix 🙅🏼‍♀️Nur Mama, der Große und die

My baby girl for life... Happy weekend to you all... Dress made by meAccessories @dharmic_gemstones(kindly follow and check her out)Swipe to see

เช้าวันเสาร์กับหน้าที่ของพี่หมี 👌🏻Big bear Saturday morning 📚📖💡🐻

• Aujourd’hui mon bébé , tu as 6 mois . C’est fou comme tu as chamboulé notre vie de la plus belle des manières . Les 4 premiers mois ont é

#true I always said if you don't want me flooding your time hit unflow no hard feelings I post a lot because sometimes I see a post that will help me

So proud of my TD1 daughter. 😁😁Watched her give a presentation today on Carbohydrate Counting as part of the PDC TD1 Tech Summit.**

His favourite garden.

my best client "my daughter"starting in the world of real estate investment, she is a professional in marketing and studied the market very well

I'm a full time mother for Nadha and Arfa.. full time means 24 hour 7 days, everyday, everyminute every hour..I'm a part time worker in my office,

My baby 1 nd only daughter cant believe i made a beautiful chikd.i wouldnt trade u for nothing.God brought u here so I can be the best mom

My beautiful baby turn into a real lady ❤️❤️❤️ #movingupgradball2019 #myprincess👸👸👸 #proudmother

19 yrs ago i made this perfect human 😍 happy 19th birthday babe hope you have an amazing day love you more than you know #son #birthday #19 #firstborn

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My daughter have been accepted into the squad for Aberdeen swimming team!! She loves swimming so much and was off for nearly a year, but made the

Primeira publicação conjunta a gente nunca esquece... Mom’s proud... Eu e Nadja Lirio, no mesmo livro - cada uma com seu texto, ambas no Direito P

Have done lots of things in my 49 years 364 days and a few hours but this is the best thing that I have done by a million zillion miles !!! My boy My