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Η παρακολούθηση είναι αυτό που κάνουμε και το διατηρούμε ασφαλέςMonitoring is what we do and

☀️The summer of hats for the two of us. 🧢👒👙💦☀️...Leave it to @marshalls - ladies I finally found a visor so I don’t sweat


Happy National Strawberry Parfait Day from @bereadyslc Check a delicious strawberry parfait

We will continue to fight the good fight and serve our communities by providing the best quality kratom possible.-If you’re not aware over the

A bit (or should I say “Bight”) of history:The Great Australian Bight was first encountered by European explorers in 1627 when a Dutch navigator


Abandoned pets and plants that are released into the wild can become a serious problem. Never release unwanted pets, animals, or plants. If you need

👍👍 무료 아이엘츠 영단어 어플입니다 👍👍 다양한 기능과 많은 단어들이 있습니다 ^^ 한번 다운받아보세요 ^^ #구글 #애플 #영어기초공부 #아이엘츠 #단어어플 #영어문법 #토플아이엘츠 #아이엘츠교재 #desecrate #신성 #훼손desecrated graves #훼손 #무덤 #동의어 : #defile #pervert #profane #pillage #dishonor #ravage #반의어 : #protect #purify #honor

SOAT soldier of the Dutch army in Afghanistan 🇳🇱⚔️———📷 : Commando Troepen———Don’t forget to like and follow

Every CEO, celebrity, model, professional singer, business owner, needs an Executive Protection Professional rather traveling domestic or

Зубы действительно становятся белее, а налёт пропал и вовсе 😍😍😍😍это находка 🙏 Наикрутейшие зубные пасты #Sklaer 💋💣 от #nl без фтора и сульфатов с ионами серебра 🔥 🦋 Sklаer #white 1. Расщепляет налёт 3. Восстанавливает и укрепляет эмаль 🦋 Sklaer #protect Реминерализирующая паста. Три формы кальция активно восстанавливают и укрепляют эмаль. 🌸 Также есть для чувствительных зубов 😍 Sensitive облепиха. ✔Хочется добавить: что этой пастой можно пользоваться и беременным 🤰, и кормящим, так как происходит восполнение кальция в зубной эмали 😊 А также детям с 3-х лет 👶

I have a very sensitive skin. Currently there is a heat wave here. Of course, I use sunscreen with a high SPF but it is a heavy burden on the skin


Jeans are so hit and miss but these are 100% a HIT love this CW only costs £12 to get these results easy as that! #adi #adidasler #jeans #clean

Did you know? Weddel Seals have less of a dependency on blood-borne oxygen because of the massive amounts of myoglobin in their muscles! 🐬

#YouTube star Desmond Amofah has been confirmed dead. NYPD reports a body has been found in East River (located in New York). His family and

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Обычные пасты в магазинах не всегда помогают от кровоточивости дёсен 😒Не убирают налёт на зубах 😒Содержат фтор и сульфаты 😒Не отбеливают На одно применение нужно выдавить пасты на всю щетку Наши зубные пасты #Sklaer 💋 от #NL без фтора и сульфатов с ионами серебра 💎 Хватит одной горошинки на применение 💎 Sklаer #white 👍🏻 классика или со вкусом жвачки Расщепляет налёт, отбеливает. Восстанавливает и укрепляет эмаль. 💎 Sklaer #protect 👍🏻 классика или со вкусом ежевики Реминерализирующая паста. Три формы кальция активно восстанавливают и укрепляют эмаль , борются с зубным камнем. 💎 Sklaer #sensitive для чувствительных зубов. 👍🏻 ментол или облепиха Восстанавливает чувствительность зубов, помогает при кровоточивости десен. Гелевая форма. ✔Хочется добавить: что этой пастой можно пользоваться и беременным 🤰, и кормящим, так как происходит восполнение кальция в зубной эмали А также детям с 3-х лет 👶 Безопасно при проглатывании (но все равно кушать не надо) 😀


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🇱🇷☀️OPERATION SUNSCREEN 2019☀️🇱🇷 My team is participating in this amazing campaign again this year! From now through June 30th I

"I tried not to upset youLet you rescue me the day I met youI just wanted to protect you"_Ho provato a non innervosirtiHo lasciato che mi salvassi

UUUUUU I NEED A CATGIRL!!Or just a girlfriend in general.➖➖➖➖➖Question: do you like catgirls?➖➖➖➖➖ #anime #animememes #neko

Don't blink, they grow so fast. Always enjoy the present moment because that's all we have. I love you two!!! ❤❤❤ #Life #Daughters #Love

At Louisiana Insurance Service, having a workplace that is protected gives you extra security. As a Louisiana employer, you have an obligation to


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I dont know if anyone else heard this, but I am sure many LEOWs heard people telling them things that hurt. I dont remember who said that, but it

✨ THE OEL LIFESTYLE 𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓷𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓟𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓪𝓻𝓼✨⠀⠀⠀⠀𝓃𝑜. 𝟢5

SWIPE to know where doggo got his trendy and fashionable hat from! 🤔❤️Art requests by @lrss.prvt and @mr_hatsieh 👏👏..Not sponsored


Did you know that compounds found in tea actually supress and combat the growth of bacteria in the mouth? Over time this can slow down and even

Research shows people in the LGBTQAI+ community experience higher rates of personal violence. We want you to know that we are a safe place for you to

Identity theft can happen to anyone and doesn't happen overnight. Look for these warning signs to protect yourself:- Bills for items you didn't buy

“God has to work in the soul in secret and in darkness, because if we fully knew what was happening and what Mystery of transformation God's grace

É muito ruim ver seu filho sofrendo com os lábios partidos e ressecados. Felizmente, existem vários jeitos de tratar esse problema em crianças

And they will be killed just after few miserable months of life #animal #protect them


My B A B I E S aremy O P P O R T U N I T Y, my P U R P O S E, my W H Y!I’m forever blessed!--Thanks to my Queen for putting up with all of

In celebration of Law Enforcement Awareness Month, the Catalyst committee recently concluded its Ride Along program with the Hillsborough County

Happy Tuesday! Benny is watching FEMA’s pet preparedness video. Are your pets ready? Are you?-make a plan-build a kit- get involved Start today

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Summer solstice is here! The sun, the park, the strolls. Keep hydrated💧Water requirements per weight:10 lbs. drink 15 ounces20 lbs. 30 oz30

Don’t hate the actor, hate the camera guy. We put our Riot Control to the test. Tag and share and we will randomly select a winner for a SHD hat or