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This was my chest and shoulder finisher. After taking a break and coming back I have a new mindset for the gym. I’m so ready and motivated to get


These are probably my favourite pushups, super hard when you’re halfway through a workout but they are awesome and fun! #pushups #vegan #vegainz


-bloom enchantix- idk why the enchantix versions takes longer then the normal version to draw. :P i just love how meny colors each version of blooms

Week 10 is all done! 💯After starting this week with a mixed-up schedule, I was antsy to get back to normal routine. So, I sucked it up and did two

S/O to @backdoorhiphopx for the dope feature on their website. I really appreciate the love and support for my music! The article looks good guys

@zox bracelets are amazing! These two say “Release my past” and “Progress not perfection” both of which resonate with me a lot right now. I’

More Renovation Updates!.🪑We have made the transition from pews to chairs in support of the ethos & mission @saintmiriamparish.✝️The alter

#tb the day Lisa learned how to turn/ do a transition. She can't stop doing it 🙈 btw it was her biggest wish doing this, even on the ice. So we

Started Saturday off right with a 9am gym sesh! Pretty pleased after 6 months of not going I went 2 days in a row! #fitness #fitgoals #gym #gymlife


One minute WORD for our daily Spiritual fitness *Don't forget to get your ebook "S.I.T. U.P.S. Spiritual IMPACT Training Using Prayer and Scripture

I didn’t wanna do it but y’all lame fucks that want to incite people to do more than protest are the same corny motherfuckers that won’t hang

This is my current #fitinthedress project lol. I adore City Chic and the XS is usually a great fit in dresses for me, but this dress is absolutely

Run the miles, Drink the alcohol, Do the dance 💃🕺🏻••Ugh, I could really go for a couple $15 beers at a baseball game right now. . .


Really wishing this strawberry protein drink was a strawberry margarita! I finished 230 squats for squat challenge only 2 days left to 250! Whew who

If you ever feel like you’re on a rollercoaster with a goal, just know that you are not alone. I have started over and messed up so many times in

1 1/2 rep deadlifts today. As a personal trainer, I know that recovery is important. However, consistency with stretching and mobility is what I am

same eyeshadow look as I posted earlier so if you want to see that FOLLOW @xmakeup.with.sophx TO SEE MORE 💜 I am the worlds worst for taking loads

Young George Cooper making great progress with Nick @peter.cowen this year. Always keen to listen, learn, ask questions, practice with discipline and


Got to see a bright face on a rainy day today 🌞 Shout out to @onatural86, one of my first customers for buying 2lb of asparagus from us and having

Sorry not sorry I’m proud of the progress I’ve made on this health/workout journey of mine 🤘🏻🍑 so glad it’s the weekend and SO GLAD I

Enjoying the next few days poolside. Come Monday I'll be back on track with eating and regular exercise. Always nice to take a break #health #healthy

Today was a fun 2nd day at the OGC Camp! Fun learning to add a pirouette after my clear hip handstand! Loved wearing @layoutleos prototype Leotard to

Feel Good Friday! Now during quarantine, you can use your extra time wisely to work on what needs improvement. My “high” à la seconde leg

Deep tissue massages for a fraction of the cost? Look no further! Rollga has got your back!! ⁣⁣Check out the link in our bio and pick yours out


Back on my LEGENDARY training regime👊🏻 By biking 20 miles today🚲. 6 of them were uphill the rest were in miscellaneous terrain

Que tal mi gente! he decidido hacer una pequeña serie mostrando el progreso en todo lo que queda de año! con rolas de anime y estáticos 😂🔥 /

Making quick work of the rusted-in-place elevator bolts that held the subfloor to the frame, using an angle grinder with diamond cutting blade. Tried

“The recommendations & supplements from Paragon have been amazing. It’s coming up to three months since I started and I’m so thrilled with the

GRL PWR!!!💪🏼🌼-I have been feelin’ strong af lately; both mentally and physically and it feels so good!! I’ve only been working out for

The first half of boot camp morning! I’m so glad I was able record these exercises today so you all can see what I mean when I say that my brother


Travailler moins : résister à la culpabilité. Comment ça se passe chez Julie.Je vous l’avoue d’emblée. la vie quotidienne avec les

I may have slept in until 9:30 this morning 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️, but I still started my day with a killer sweat sesh! I know I've said it over

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” ~Martin Luther King Jr