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What an amazing gender reveal 😍 Did you find out the gender of your baby/babies or did you wait? And why? If so, how did you reveal your babies

The son to her shine, heart to her beat, sweetest little boy Andrew Joseph. We can’t wait to meet you! ••••• #mpmakeupandphotography

this sweet girl is getting to be SO fun! 💗 she laughs & coos at us & it's crazy to see her personality start to show 😍 each day is it's own

Team meeting tonight to look at our services, structure, focus, transparency, strategies....all the things! Revamping a few things so bring you a

34 weeks!!! This little girl is causing so much pain... I can’t wait for her to enter the world so I can cuddle her instead of cussing at her in my

34 weeks!!! This little girl is causing so much pain... I can’t wait for her to enter the world so I can cuddle her instead of cussing at her in my

WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER GO TO AN A-* CLINIC AS YOUR FIRST CONTACT FOR ADVICE //So you’re pregnant. It wasn’t planned. You may even be pregnant

Oh hey bump || 2️⃣4️⃣weeks ✌

A HUGE congratulations to this badass slayer @elizadushku on her pregnancy. So excited for her and her husband, she deserves all the happiness in the

5 months 👶🏻🥰💓💙💜

Somebody please come get me !! For the past hour I have been scrolling down their TL BAWLING !!!!!! Real Tears . I Love my People, All people! Can we

It's okay to talk about SAY IT AGAIN VAGINA 💫

Finally getting to watch this , needless to say I’ve spit my wine everywhere more than twice! Love this woman ! #amyschumer #netflix

Termómetro digital compatible con android y iPhone. .... El termómetro digital Bluetooth recomendado por un pediatra es tan simple, preciso y

249 days into my pregnancy meaning; I have 4 weeks + 3 days until I’m due! 😳😳😳.This has gone so quickly, I’m trying to cherish every

Nursery goals 👶🏼👊🏻⁣ one practical problem though... this would stay white for t-minus two seconds 😅 Just keeping it real

and such a thoughtful gift coming from the dada! 💛

Life is absolutely amazing. Everyday I feel blessed to have my family and my health. Today Lorenzo and I ran 4 miles with a brutal hill. Thank you to

Our 60 inch TV 🖥 allows superb viewing of your #baby 👶 for anyone you choose to bring along 👨‍👦💙Fully online booking now available

Boom. So powerful.Mind, body, and spirit are all equally important to the wholeness God created us to walk in with Him. He created us perfectly in

Vernix...what is it? Why do some baby's have it and some don't? -Vernix is the white cheese-like substance that covers your baby when they are born. -

Ultra-chic and easy to wear, our Fish Tail Dress is a statement piece for your spring and summer wardrobe 💛  #mamas #momtobe  #fashionablypregnant

My favourite affirmation!! Remaining calm during labour and birth is so powerful. When calm we stop and relax. When relaxed we allow our mind and

Except for today, when the coffee maker broke and Mike took my car to work and didn’t leave me the keys for his car 🤬 #fail.On that note, send

Very excited for the blossoms to come out soon.. Come on spring!Thinking about doing some blossom mini sessions! If there is enough interest I'll

“The female being has been chosen to be the portal between the spiritual realm and the physical realm.” Stunning repost via @Savannah_nye 🌓

I love you sweet Coraline.💕 You are my strength. You are my motivation. The times when I feel broken beyond repair, I think of you and feel your

33 weeks pregnant today. She is the size of a pineapple 🍍 I can feel her movements and kicks getting stronger so I know it’s getting to be a

Just finished the latest craft project for baby girl’s nursery and I. AM. IN. LOVE. Are any other girl mamas ridiculously obsessed with bows?!

I cannot get enough of baby girl clothes right now, not to mention the tiny bows, headbands, ballet shoes.. 😍😍 Our sweet girl is due in a little

So thankful this insurance is paying for my Makena injections that I start in 7 weeks! Thy are about $1500 per injection or around $30,000 a pregnancy

Double the love, double the cuteness 💕I so enjoyed snuggling these two little loves. Welcome to the world Harper & Lily!

Happiness is on the way. Congrats to this beautiful couple! #AdrianShoots

One of our favorite pacifier is the @ryanandrose CUTIEPATs! We absolutely LOVE them! Tomorrow we will be talking about why we love them so much! Plus

⁣Introducing ActiveSupport - Essential Tank! ⁣🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️⁣⁣This sporty, racerback tank will "workout" for you before,

Aquela pessoa que não pode ver espelho...ainda mais me achanyy com a curva mais lindaaa que uma mulher pode ter. Um amor por essa jubinha 🦁 um

Who could use a doula? All sorts of folks with differing backgrounds, different family structures, different needs, varying philosophies on birth and

As of today, we have reached the almost 21 week mark!On one hand, it’s like “Wow! We’re halfway there and every day that passes now is

My other app says shes the size of a coconut. My little coconut papaya has realllly been moving these last few weeks. Grow baby grow! 💕

Curious how a doula can benefit your birth???👉🏽39% decrease in c-section👉🏽15% increase in spontaneous vaginal birth👉🏽34% increase


This journey may be scary, but it doesn't have to be unknown. Call or text (240) 779-1585 for information❤️