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Will be releasing pre and post sarms video tonight! Going to start a squat program in April and will be recording the results...... #barbell #fit

We need your glory more than ever before!!!! Fill our heart Lord, fill our homes.... we are desperate for you... Let all the other names fade away and

Cashing in Squatgains 💸💸217,5kg 1x1192,5kg 2x2Thanks @adrian_cid__ for the spot and photobomb 💪🏻🎥 @dimi_codyStay tuned for more

The best achievement in life is doing something you think you can do...More to come... 👏👏👏 🏆🏆Top TL for February VMP..Good job team

Cute Weightlifting Cartoon Pig Acrylic Tumbler by Cheerful Madness!! at Zazzle #weightlifting

😅😄😄Nice 😉 Double tap ❤️Жми ❤️Делись с друзьями👆❗Tag your friends

Um la pegada mais esportiva, porém sem esquecer do glamour e dos brilhos que a marca trás em seus produtos, perfeito para produções mais estilosas

Definitely yes! #Repost @commandinglife ( @get_repost)・・・🙏 🙏 🙏 You have a message! ✨ 🙏 Get help taking the next step in your

The breath.. always #presentAlways's free and it's #powerful.Yet, I'm always catching myself holding it. Stagnant. Blocking #flow.A

"Tu m’as écrasée. Mais tu ne m’as pas détruite. J’ai ressuscité avec quelque chose que tu n’auras jamais. Tu as la violence, la terreur et

TRT HCG CLOMIDLearn about them. Come join our group by clicking the link in the bio. More information to share there #abs #energy #bodygoals

Godliness- It is to surrender ourselves to God, and so to lay a good foundation. The body is for the Lord, and the Lord for the body.The aim is to

،،،كن كالمطر 🕊☔️💕،،، #نشيدة_كن_كالمطر #للمنشد_بدر_الحمودي،،، , ‏ #respect #power

YUMMY ALERT🔥Throwing in a SHAKTI YONI cake to spark some inspiration✨ made by a very talented friend: brother knows how to bake, vegan (of

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You guysssss!!! My newest obsession right here🙌🏼Sacred Mountain promotes feelings of strength, empowerment, grounding and protection by making

Yesss❤️ I saw this movie with my dad and I talked for so long after abt how much I loved when in the end he was like prove to me u can defeat me

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💩 is getting real. 2.5 weeks out from my first meet and I'm more motivated than ever. Pulled 260 for 2 easy singles and THEN my current PR 270 for

The other day I did a distance sound healing session with my dear friend Tamara in Egypt. It basically works like any other distance healing, we set