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A day in the life - part 1. I wanted to get myself in the gym and dab but I ran out of vid. Until then, enjoy farmer Ben!! 😂 #adayinthelife

This year for Patty's Day? I got smart - to hell with being drunk and dropping drinks - just grab a camel pack! 😍🤣😜 Ezra was insane this year

That's right, lads and ladies - you can now binge watch our episodes! We strive to get better and more precise as each new episode comes out. Join the


Before and AFTER!! This bong shoots fire again😁. With a little TLC this bong is ready to be brought into the world again. Thanks to my buddy for

Reunited with @honeybadgerextracts today. You can bet we had a wake n bake .🤣🔥🔥 Be on the lookout for their fire flavours. Happy Fried day

I made a speech in College about how China was going to run our society over with drugs and research chemicals, 5 years ago. With the war on drugs,

...but it had no sugar!! Munchies after a workout can be deadly - I learned this today. The munchies won😭😭. A whole bag of chips, a box of

♿♿♿ WHEELCHAIR WEED ALERT. ♿♿♿ This stuff I found stashed away in an old medical container - waay at the bottom of my bag. One hit of this

I'm on a new level (gotta love looking through the old stashes😭😁😍) ! This is one guy that truly will NEVER run out of weed. 😂 Hell I didn'

Momma used to say dessert last... But momma ain't here no more, so I'm having Ice Cream for breakfast. Sorry, ma. 😜🙅🔥 #indica #potprofessor


This used to be up in classrooms until the drug war became more prominent and they were forced to take things like this down, indefinitely. This is a

Just DRIPPING with DRULY deliciousness🤤🤤 Cuvée always puts on a good show for its consumer . Happy Valentines Day to her and I. 😍😍 #indica

I've run into some special strains in my 10 years of smoking - and one of the most unique strains I got hold of was Cuvēe. A hashy, harsher profile

"This stuff looks like fun. Can I have some, pweease?" HOW CAN YOU SAY NO TO THAT FACE. 😭 Gotta love the moment you realize you didn't miss place


Close up of our lovely FANTASY ISLAND. . Episode #3 is now available on our channel! Featuring Redecan Shishkaberry, @synrgcannabis Fantasy Island ,

Getting high with @gretavanfleet ! If you like rock n' roll, you'll love this band. Great music to get lifted to every day. 💯 And just look at that

Wake and bake after that sloshy night of poker! Great night; only slightly hung today. 😂 Can't look at how many chips @lilptv won, though. 😑

This sample I received for one of my orders, so I decided to try it out after a workout! Definitely needs a blender to help mix the plant proteins in

Getting high is like driving a car - it's up to you to keep it on course. 😁😁 I love a dab before hitting the gym. Puts me into the right mindset


Chocolate?! 😂😂 That's right, we brought out some Spongebob. Watch episode 2 through my bio @ ! 🇨🇦 #cannabis

Got our first swag bag from @liivcannabis !! Big shout out to them. You can bet We’ll be reviewing that Kinky Kush soon. 😉 #cannabis

Got our first swag bag from @liivcannabis !! Big shout out to them. You can bet I'll be reviewing that Kinky Kush soon. 😉 #cannabis

Throwback Sunday with this beautiful bud. Slow and steady wins the race with this Indica - the potency just tingles your receptors with pleasure

@canadiancannabisreviews420 is almost done editing Episode 2! Featuring liiv Easy Cheesy, liiv Bali Kush & Redecan CBD Shark Shock. That Bali, though


Already half way on the lit scale - Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone out there! May your days be joyous and filled with love. Thanks for

AltaVie North Star CBD!! Perfect for maintaining high functionality and for easing anxiety/pain. Watch the full review in my bio, and give

🤤🤤🤤 triple drooler honey oil. This stuff is so strong, one hit almost knocks an experienced smoker out!! If you had two or three back to back

Closeup of that "MMM" 😍. Nothing like jungle-mango flavours to start your day. On another note, someone returned my phone! 💯 #claritycounts

The infamous Grand Daddy Purp. Just exploding with sweet berry flavours, and that oh so tasty dank flower parfume. The tests show that