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#Repost @drjennhardy with @get_repost・・・It’s ok to start where you are..Caption [As long as you have life in your body, it's not too late

We believe every woman deserves the right to comfortably recover with dignity. We offer hope, friendship, and a loving home environment to heal from a


"No shortcuts to success, be wise, work hard and secure investments that would make you rich ...Dm me now to be financially free #motivationalquotes

Never give up on your goals. Always strive forward and don't look back. Kindness and perseverance should always be on your mind. #bekind #love


What you choose you allow Choose positivity Choose Joy Choose to walk away from anything that makes you unhappy. Choose such a beautiful soul that

I frequently feel like I need to literally shrink myself and my body to make people (men specifically) feel more comfortable. I constantly fight with

Never understimate the valuable and important differencen you make in every life you touch for the impact you make today has a powerful rippling

"1 #hour of #workout is #just #4% of #your #day"..Today's abs class by @arjun_p_a_w_a_r..Come ND experience wide variety of group classes at

“This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well. Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly


Waiting around for someone to finish an obstacle will for most ocr runners be close to torture and very boring. But when you’re a coach, and you are

BREATHE. ⁣⁣We live in a world that is constantly pulling at our attention. Thought Leader takes pride in the work that we do to create

May your vibes shift the whole damn frequency of the whole room when you walk in. 💥 Protect you vibes, they are so important!! 💋

In a perfect world EVERYONE would celebrate you, support you and be happy for you. The keyword in that is ‘Perfect’. Those who can’t or won’t

How beautiful is it today 🌞 ... Feeling SO GRATEFUL 🙏🏼. In between training sessions I have a certain target to reach each day in steps and I

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‼️PLEASE SHARE‼️October 24th is our Coding/Tech Event at 59th St. Elementary .This is the first of many Passion Projects I’ll be sharing

When i take live Q&A sessions on #instagram & you lovely people take screenshots to inform everyone about it & help them as well by directing them

Black tourmaline, repel the negativity & banish it for good! Leave all that find this post lighter and free cutting them from their cords ✂️ . Tag

Today’s @EnergyStar Day, and given our extensive collection of LED bulbs, we're positively glowing. (In an energy-efficient manner, of course

Just like the navigation system in your car, if you don't know how to get somewhere and you don't key in the destination, you can't get from where you

When life brings challenges we often resort to negativity and victimization But friends, what if we chose gratitude and positivity? 🤔🤗 Instead


Take me as I am or watch me as I go. ᕦ⁞ ✿ ᵒ̌ ᴥ ᵒ̌ ✿ ⁞ᕤ

In honor of me just getting home from traveling, I pulled a card from a travel deck which speaks about exploring Troy (yes I’d love to do that) and

✨Oh my gourd, I can't beleaf how freakin' good Kabocha Squash is! 🍂 I'm falling in love with trying a bunch of new autumn veggies

#martialartschallenge: Every day I select an image from a day in the life of Martial arts that has had an impact on me, or been a memorable moment,

Hashtag Positivity was honored to receive a grant last night from @unifyagainstbullying to combat bullying in our school communities. Unite with us

My life RIGHT now, seriously I am at Michaels waiting for it to open and messaging you all until they open!!!😅 Have a wonderful day, everyone

Such a powerful question.Have you loved yourself today?Look in the mirror and remind yourself you are beautiful and are a bomb (mother, father,


I owe my husband 100 kisses! 🥰How can something so small but thoughtful make my day.

Today's Tarot Message comes from the Peace Oracle🌌Transformation🌌🔮Now is the time for some growth. When we grow, we change and transform

What are you doing to help today?

#transformationtuesday so much more than the fat loss you can see...Energy levels ⬆️Fitness levels ⬆️Body confidence ⬆️Not to

Swipe right ➡️. How are you treating people? Yes God will bless you and give you all that you ask and even beyond what you asked for, but how are

Dream bigger sooner don’t let your present challenges define your future ❤️


We cannot stress how important it is to take take care of your #mentalhealth. Be mindful of your words to others, but most importantly; be mindful of

🐝♥️ Bee Bee Everywhere ♥️🐝 Our SMILERS loving our Manchester 🐝And remembering all our friends 👫 Again after posting this week


That’s life 😎. You may have the most unfavorable set of circumstances in life but that shouldn’t stop you, throw the towel and say “ Such is

#tbt me and my lil sis at 2 different times while I was 2 different sizes lol 💪

As a young reporter getting into the journalism field, it was a pleasure and honour to interview @justinpjtrudeau as one of my first major interviews

Really liked this outfit today and these are the best boots for work😍 ( @thesisterstudioig pre order) had something I wanted to share today, a

Even rain can't hinder the passion we have for YOU!

Worship jam 🎶🎚🎸