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Today’s #ScriptureSaturday comes from Luke 23:34! Holding on to anger is emotionally exhausting, try your best to choose love to protect your peace


As I’m about to make changes and start a new journey ❤️”To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our

Tm samandar ki baat krte ho🌊🌊Log aankhon mein dub jaate h👀💞💞Editing by:- @r_yan_arin_ ____________________________ #photoshoot

I want my children’s children to be able to feel the freedom of climbing high up in healthy old trees. It’s our responsibility to make this


Listen Up👂🏽 ATL Ms. Cynthia has spoken about the #QueenOfTOUCH✋🏾 come #getBODYFLOWD and feel the difference with a Bodyflow experience

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Happy Saturday everyone I have had the most weird couple of day but I’m staying positive life is just so short so enjoy it🤩 #determained

Leave a 💛 below if you are selective about what and who you follow👇As @pharrell is saying we’re smarter than the algorithms. We’re more


Getting me thru the day🤘😈🤘▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪Whosit- @officialtwiztid @marilynmanson @underoathband #SensesFail

Retour à la piscine et à la natation après une absence de plus d'un an... Aucun niveau, des cours seraient nécessaires mais le plaisir d'être

"Helping people who are not in a position to help you back is called kindness." – #ZeroDean @zerodean.official


#Repost @debbyjae with @get_repost・・・Dear UniverseThank you for all the blessings in my lifeThank you for all the angels that were my guide

I just wanted to say thank you to all the overwhelming love and support I've been getting from posting my projects. I know this is a tad late but... I

~Risplendere sempre, risplendere ovunque,sino al fondo degli ultimi giorni,risplendere e nient’altro!Ecco la parola d’ordine mia –e del sole

Due paroline dal 32° Presidente degli USA: mai smettere di studiare, formarsi ed informarsi!

«Ne vous demandez pas ce dont le monde a besoin, demandez-vous plutôt ce qui vous rend vivant et faites le! Ce dont le monde a besoin c’est de


Each new day is a chance for us to give it our all! Today I finally ran all the way down to the beach and back 🏃‍♀️ 🔥 AND broke a record

i havent been on sc so long😭

Who knew that a boy born in Vadnagar,gujrat in 1950 would one day become the most celebrated prime minister of India. You inspired many, you taught us


Go to bed earlier!.If your one of those people who lie awake thinking about their to do list, counting down the hours you have left to sleep if you

♡Sesiones de Coaching♡.El Coaching es una disciplina que te proporciona un espacio unico y vivencial para que encuentres tus propias respuestas

♠️the best is yet to come ♠️.joine our community 👉🏻 @iranianwomensfoil .Turn ON post notfication 📲so that you dont miss any

♠️the best is yet to come ♠️.joine our community 👉🏻 @iranianwomensfoil .Turn ON post notfication 📲so that you dont miss any

Oversized blazer looking extra oversized, but I love @tibi • The one time I smile in a photo and it's blurry 🍭


⚠️PLS READ THE CAPTION⚠️This is the truth for you, for me, for each one of us... Don't compare your life with anyone... People post only

•Yo, on déclencherait des tsunamis si jamais on s'unissaitOn vibre l'un pour l'autre mais jamais à l'unisson On a tous deux nos torts, le tort

Cuando el patio de tu casa es tan lindo que no necesita filtros... 😍😊😀💜💚❤💛🌿☘🌲🌳🍂🌾🍁🌱------- #NoFilter

"Önemli olan ne varsa ruhunda barındırıyordu insan, dışarıdan kimse ona el uzatamazdı. Yeter ki kendisiyle savaş durumunda olmasın, kendi