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Some of our beautiful pom girls at Bishop England Prom last night 💚🤩 💚 #pomsquad

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I swear he has the cutest bobblehead lol #pomfabulous #pomlove #pomfabulous #pomlove #blackandtan #chocolateandtan #bluemerle #merle #orangesable


When you sit like a good boy... #pomfabulous #pomlove #pomfabulous #pomlove #blackandtan #chocolateandtan #bluemerle #merle #orangesable

Today I went to this #dogville to meet the #pomsquad! I got so afraid of all those barks and bigger dogs. I was keeping my tail between my legs, so my


Another happy day at the beach 🏖

I was only home 2 days and I got my first poorly 🤪 mamma foxy says I’m a bit of a div... what’s a div? 🤔 #MammasSpecialBoy 💙.

Getting ready to 💩 sand, I mean, going home 🏡 🇧🇷 Preparando-me para 💩 areia, quero dizer, indo para casa 🏡


Enjoying my day at the beach 🏖

I’m just a poor sweet little innocent puppy that gets blamed for everything. #dontbelievehim #hesevil #yourenotfoolinganyone........

Pretty in Pink 💅🏼

Spring has sprung! But it feels an awful lot like summer. ☀️🌱 I think I’ll do my patrolling from the windows. 🚫🐿🚫⚡️ #pomsquad

I have lost one of my favorite pink boots. I was so sad because most of my dresses are pink. However, Drizzle Dry Boots sold just one boot for my mom

🎉🎉Congratulations 🎉🎉 @sassy.sophie_silly.slober for winning the @grandmaLucys giveaway!.We hope you enjoy these yummy organic doggie


🌻🌼🌺🌼🌻Sprinkle the world with flower power wherever you go 🌻🌼🌻🌼💫✨🌟⭐️

Miss BABY - SOLDDOB 2 March 2019Phone/WA +62811.2.33.8484 / 08112226100🏡 Location Lembang, Bandung-Indonesia.💉 Up to Date Vacs📄 Stambum

Miss BABY - SOLDDOB 2 March 2019Phone/WA +62811.2.33.8484 / 08112226100🏡 Location Lembang, Bandung-Indonesia.💉 Up to Date Vacs📄 Stambum

I am sure it is love ❤️ Anja is hitting Julieta🇧🇷 Veja como a Anja é literalmente uma anjinha 👼

Puppy life is the good life 😍🐶

Just got my @OneFurAllPets Wax melts and so excited to try them out! The lilac melts we got smell so amazing🥰❤ They are specifically made for


Yesterday I walked 13km (8mi) with my mom!🇧🇷Não é sempre que meço as caminhadas, mas ontem em duas caminhadas andamos no total 13km! Isso

I smell squirrels!! 🚫🐿

Happy Thursday everyone!!! It's the last day to enter my @grandmalucys #giveaway 🎉🎉 look back 12 posts (the pic with the yummy blue bag) to

Such a beautiful day in New York today. I got so excited on this pound because I saw a Cocker Spaniel swimming there, but there was a sign saying it

Got my naughty baby Clio back home with me today, where she belongs 💔 thank you everyone for all your gorgeous messages, comments, posts, tags and

I wanted to sleep on that mushroom 🍄🇧🇷Eu queria dormir no cogumelo


Julieta playing at the beach with her 5 dollars ball (her best investment)🇧🇷Pompom brincando na praia com sua bolinha que custou mais de 20

Look who came over for a quick visit to the Ring Pom factory. We had fun with the kitties too. So darn cute. @aguaserena #babypoms #pomsquad

We’ll have fun fun fun ‘til my daddy takes the T-bird away... Hop aboard gang, lets go cruisin’. 🐶🚙

Another beach day 🏖 Depois de três dias seguidos de chuva, não é que o sol saiu. Ainda um pouco frio para praia, 12 graus 🥶

naps are a dogs best friend 😴


Mom, I am tired of this rainy weather 🇧🇷Chuva que não passa, três dias de chuva e frio moderado ☔️

Oi pessoAU!Acho que esse ângulo da foto não me favoreceu muito ...hahah Estou pensando em fazer um regiminho... Por isso aceito convites para

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We made new friends yesterday! Thank you, Rocco and Daisy, for coming over to play! Hope our puppy energy didn't wear you out too bad! 🐾