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Absolutely itching to make more 3D flowers 😍🌸💐 garden centres make me thoroughly happy 🌷🌹.... #jessiedickinsondesign

Do you ever Trade goods instead of money exchanging hands? I traded someone all of these cutiepies for something I made and intended to sell at Market

Kush Queen 👑

Thank you @lorelei5041 for recommending the app @plantsnap ! Mystery solved ❤️. It’s a type of succulent plant...Crown-of-thorns (Euphorbia

Growing Cerinthe from seed is easy! The photo here is by Sabina Ruber and it appears in our NEW BOOK The Flower Garden, published tomorrow. And you’

It's all around you for eyes that want to see.

🌿✨Watermelon Peperomia [Peperomia Argyreia] it is not related to the watermelon, its nickname comes from the appearance of its lovely little

Just a few of what fell like a billion stairs on yesterday days walk , snake attack and 35 degrees heat.It was worth it PS

ᴘʀᴇsᴇɴᴛs….✪ ᴠᴀʀɪᴏus ɴᴀᴛuʀᴇsʜᴏᴛ sᴇʀɪᴇs ✪..ᴘʜᴏᴛᴏɢʀᴀᴘʜʏ ʙʏ @peach2___. #LaP_peach2___

If you're a keen home gardener you'll know how important fertilization is to the maintenance of your plants and garden. Here's a great article that


Green TherapyKeep fresh blooms and Greenery in the home.🍀Manifest more green in your wallet.🌿Get outside for adventure.🌴Eat all

Something different for you today! A gathering of mushroom friends popping straight from the rich earth. I’ll be broadening my scope of drawings

Ok this is out of hand sooooo I cut it up to make clones, the big one is going directly into @royalgoldsoil and the small ones are going into pods.

Vivir en departamento tiene sus complicaciones cuando te gustan las plantas, pero la tina te salva cuando no tienes patio!!!Domingo, día de riego de


Bon dimanche ma troupe!•J’ai été un peu absente d’IG ces derniers temps et à cause de l’algorithme, je ne vois plus mes petits comptes

ROOT CROPS IN RAIN GUTTERS!🌿😱 Some of you who have been following my work📱 may be aware that on my farm🚜, we grow some root crops in rain

Colorful oatmeal is my favorite 🍏🍓🍌🥥

Om han fick så skulle han köpa med sig halva butiken hem 🌱 #djungelprojekt

My home is your home too 🏡 We live, love and laugh and throw in some Netflix, home made organic popcorn and occasionally some wine 🍷 We like to

Oi meninas, tutupom?Tutorial de como plantar tudo errado quando você tá gripada. Como diria Ru Paul: And may the best plant win! #hortinha

Apparently I enjoy taking photos of nature - here's another one ✨ ———————————————————— #photography

“gotta get up...there was a time when we could dance until a quarter to ten...”

"Las golondrinas no esperan a la primavera, aguardan a que florezcas cada mañana". 😊🌿🌹. Patio del Santuario de la Virgen de los Santos,

FLOWERS | زهور | 花卉 | fleurs | Blumen | λουλούδια | fiori | フラワーズ | 꽃들 | kwiaty | цветы | flores | blommor | Çiç

SOFT | ناعم | 柔软的 | doux | weich | μαλακός | morbido | 柔らかい | 부드러운 | miękki | мягкий | suave | yumuşak |

FLOWERS | زهور | 花卉 | fleurs | Blumen | λουλούδια | fiori | フラワーズ | 꽃들 | kwiaty | цветы | flores | blommor | Çiç

FLOWERS | زهور | 花卉 | fleurs | Blumen | λουλούδια | fiori | フラワーズ | 꽃들 | kwiaty | цветы | flores | blommor | Çiç

.~ ~~~~ 🎵 H a p p y T u n e s 🎶 ...~ And when you speak...angels sing from aboveEveryday words turn into love song

.~ ~~~~ And then I go and spoil it all by saying somethin' stupid like, "I love you"...after a drink or two 😬😂..~~~~~~~~~~~Something Stupid

(✿◠‿◠) G a r d e n i a ~ ... Came across this beautiful sweet scent flowing in the summer breeze this afternoon. Was a pleasant moment