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Scaevola taccada. Goodeniaceae. This species has many vernacular names, from sea lettuce, beach cabbage, beach naupaka, merambong, ambung-ambung,

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This airplant's stands blew my mind.😱😱I would like to have one.🙏🙏Credit 📸 @davesairplantcorner... #houseplantslover

While I’m dreaming and waxing poetry about my garden, Mother Nature hints about the skeletons in her closet. ✨

What is star anise? 🤔🌠We mostly buy it as a decoration for “meals to impress” because its beautiful shape ⭐️ 😅What does star anis

I love this plant, someone with a beautiful soul brought me this last year. One of my best presents ever 💚🌱💚🌱💚🌱💚..

Had a very enjoyable half hour yesterday having a play - the setting sun on the magnolia was really rather lovely. I rather like this multiple

Monstera and a new bigger pot 🌱~Huge progress from last summer!Apparently this fellow did ignore winter 💪🏾💚~ #monsteradeliciosa

It’s a colour combination I’ve never used before, spotted at a garden where I look after the topiary. Planted by the other gardeners so I can’t

Happy #monsteramonday 💚Nog maar 5 weken bij ons en al 4 nieuwe bladeren aangemaakt 🤩👌

Gerade hatte ich es mit einer Freundin über das #küstenwetter ... eigentlich vermisse ich es sehr denn ich liebe dieses Wetter oben an der #nordsee

Schefflera soleil.Couldn't resist adding this neon number to the plant gang.Purchased in March 2019 from @biemond_nurseries at @kmartaus.

Happy Monstera Monday 🌿 love this half open leaf.😊Have a nice day 💚 #acoupleofplants••••• #houseplants #leavestagram

My first time trying to trail something up something! Look, not gonna lie, I struggled lol. It took me foreverrrrr. And I used zip ties 😂 I’m not

“Orchids lead to positive thoughts and every positive thought propels you in the right direction

“It is imperfections that make something be💖utiful, that’s what makes it different and unique from everything else”-Bob Ross

Day 1: Andalucia Bursary- Visit to El Castillejo Botanial Garden to see what might be out in the wild during March. Garden was laid out in ecological

Love coming home to my plant pals after a busy day. Shoes off, pajamas on, tea in hand, it's study time in my jungle! 🍃🌿 Happy #monsteramonday