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I could let this shoulder injury stop me from working out. It would literally be the easiest thing to do—convince myself I need to let my shoulder

Everything starts from within!Your core is an important element to your overall physical health.Strengthening your core muscles can help improve

#SpidermanPlanks for the win. I mean come on... look at that form!So I’m trying something new. Standing at my drawing table all day, I’ve noticed


You think you’re good at #planking ? No matter what you do that little extra tummy fat is still there?How about this little tricky move


From the track, to the yoga mat and even to the pole class... Left Turn has got ya butt covered! Repost from @chicalet 😘 #leftturnclothing

Modelo: Punisher 2 (Manga corta) Comprala en:

It’s a little damp from the rain, but it’s still a beautiful day! 1️⃣ grateful for the quiet time2️⃣ grateful for a lovely evening fire

Day 1 Smile & Yoga ☺️Do you like smiling? Do you like yoga? Then it’s time for a #newyogachallenge! Join us May 20-26 for a week of smilicious


P L A N K E N * B I S * D E R * A R Z T * K O M M T 🙈 - Heute gab‘s ein Home Workout, Mobility und Core, ganz spontan nach der Arbeit 💪

Zo ik ben er klaar voor💪 #extremeweekday1 Deze week 6 dagen aaneengesloten cardioboxen en met als afsluiting de Mariniers kazerne Rotterdam

Day 2 of sweaty workouts and breathtaking views with @heliosretreats 🙏🏽 Another beautiful day with the Helios fam. Learning, growing and

Finally made it home and got my brother to plank with me! 😁 Ready for some nice family time, but nap first... I’m beat! That flight is no joke


Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits. Push yourself to reach a new high score this week on your Stealth! #stealth #gameyourcore

Struggling in the gym these days ... wanting to workout but just not feeling it and I love working out ...maybe it’s because I was at a different

We've been asked to supply a lot more Douglas fir over the past few months. To meet demand we have bought 3 lorry loads for beaming and planking.

Did a 6min+ plank 😮 Amazing what ur body can do when ur kid is watching and praying for u to win 😍 I really wanted that blue hat prize for Star

I tell you a little secret 😊 I actually love planking. I like to play with all the variations and try how long I am able to hold it 😄 So that'

Becoming more in tune with our core is the intention on the mat this week. Together we will explore how to gain/regain stability, find strength and


Mindlessly doing countless Crunches can cause back pain. On the other hand, a Plank is the best way to achieve not just abs but great core strength

Train your body instead of your coffee maker.Just think about the number of coffee shops on each street corner in the UK, I think we can be

Super core strength💪💥💪 message us to book your street workout core circuit tomorrow 5:30pm😊 will have another lesson running this Thursday

Yine muhteşem bir akıştan selamlar herkese.♥️♥️😁🙌(Göbek değil o, ödem gördüğünüz:))Bu güzel güçlenme egzersizini bana


“The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty.” – Winston Churchill•Such inspiring

Я мечтаю спуститься с этих гор на дельтаплане и на бороде, но пока получилось только на животе 😅Места, с удивительными пейзажами и хаотичными зубьями гор, вдохновляют и одновременно нависают над тобой не давая расслабиться. Ощущение круче любых бабочек в животе!Всего этого скорее всего не было бы, если б не мои любимые родные, которые живут здесь, за что я им очень благодарен 🤗☺️✌🏻Дальше больше! #planking #norway_nature #mountains

#burpeechallenge Startschuss💥 Neue Herausforderung gefälligst?Na los mach mit.. wir starten heute unsere Burpee Challenge🔥Hier der Plan fü

Planking und Joggen 🏃‍♀️ meine Sport-Favoriten zur Zeit. Das Video entstand in meinem Lieblings-Wellnesshotel @hotel_mohr_life_resort


Made some new fraaanz 🤗 .Day 6 of #theplankparty while out on a walk. This happens to be over at the pond at the neighbors house. I figured a