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Si lundi me cherche, je suis tombée dans le trou.... 😉😁...................... ...................

HEADLAMP PETZL TIKKA 100 lumensFor information contact us via WA, call, or visit our store at :Jl. Kyai Maja No.7A Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta Selatan

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Repost @aatadytinby @media.repost:He did not know he was making memories. He thought he was just having fun.My kids still talk about this hike like

En la clase 3 y conocieron otro lugar grandioso de escalada llamado sigsipamba, un gran grupo y seguimos en el curso, próxima parada Santa Clara Alta

Frenemy.Our packs help us filter water, feed ourselves, sleep comfortably, traverse trails and rivers, and (most importantly) hold our chocolate. But

Quick little canopy inspection to check out the work I want to do in this Silver Maple. Xstatic with the wrench on Ascent & then doubled up with

Will Stanhope will be headlining Rockfest this year! We are so pumped to have him. Who else is psyched?


Via Ferrata with my Liongirl ❤ 💪🏼 #berglöwe 🦁.IF YOU WANT TO FEEL RICH JUST COUNT THE THINGS YOU HAVE THAT MONEY CAN'T BUY 🙌🏼.

Sunday evening mood: sorting pictures and let the thoughts wander into the distance ...I am looking so much forward to the upcoming summer and to

🏔 День 12. Камнепад и пострадавшие...Часть 1

It's always cool watching someone tie into a harness for the first time. You can sense the nervous anxiety beforehand then the pure excitement when

Blue bird days, limestone, slopers, good friends, the Valley... 'Tis the season! #raisethestoke

Je veux dix vies! 😍😍😍🤗..................... .................... #lobomountain

Nuestra página web no es solo para que te puedas informar sobre nuestros productos, también puedes realizar tus compras Petzl en cualquier parte del

En ce moment, @petzl_official fait une pub pour les casques (pas ce modèle là). Cette image tombe à propos !..📷 @julienferrandez...

Rin one-hanging the steep and savage Needle Me 13b/c.


Melancholy- a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause!.I generally cry a bit when I leave Canmore and this year was no different

(Türkçe / English) (Sesi açın. / Sound on.) Bunları nasıl çekiyoruz? Erzurum filminden küçük bir kamera arkası.Sevgili  @june8atalay

Advanced Canyoneering Training 1 (ACT1) conducted by @bas_adventure Self rescue using PRUSIK.Prepping for some serious adventure. These skills

Pro tip: stick to marked climbs in the guidebook. Otherwise things tend to get spicy. 🌶 🧗‍♂️. Great day of climbing by the sea with wide

Bolting is a wonderful experience. Discovering the crag, finding the lines, searching the betas and bolting, cleaning the routes, and finally climbing

Shot of the other group on Prime rib (5.7) about to climb the last pitch as we are over on Ms. Management (5.8).Main hazard of the day? Holds breaking

Personally prefer to trim palm trees, but something about pruning trees makes me feel zen when I’m up in that canopy.Just another day in the office

I didn't make my 1st attempt. I rested, jammed out, watched everyone killing it and tried again. Sweet victory!! 📍Paiute/Ute Lands #rockclimbing

A few more pics from a few weeks ago when @jennifermwceramics and I checkout the ice in Evan Thomas Creek! We had it all to ourselves, and ended up

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