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Reposted from @bilimvetekno - Her olası hamle farklı bir oyunu temsil eder. Daha iyi bir hamle yapacağın farklı bir evreni. İkinci hamleyle

°a poi edit but it’s not even a shoot edit be proudI casually spent more than a few hours on this looking for symbolism I could use and the


May saksak sa leeg, wala nang saplot pang-ibaba at bangkay na rin nang matagpuan ang 21-anyos na graduating student ng De La Salle Batangas. Kinilala

[5.10]-Favorite scene from this episode?

Her olası hamle farklı bir oyunu temsil eder. Daha iyi bir hamle yapacağın farklı bir evreni. İkinci hamleyle birlikte 72,084 olası oyun vardı

“Meglio essere protagonisti della propriatragedia, che spettatori della propria vita!”(Oscar Wilde) Non sono meglio di nessuno ne’ peggio di


“Bu dünyaya sanki bir satranç oyunuymuş gibi bakan herkes kaybetmeyi hak eder.” #personofinterest

Person of Interest – Most Likely To… #PersonOfInterest #television

Carter con il secondo POI. (1x01)-Carter with the second POI.She was in guard because she should have met with “The Man in a Suit” for the

Les toutes premières minutes avec #balou et c'est que le début 🥰, swippez pour plus 😏Je sais pas vous mais j’adore cette scène 😂


[season 1 finale]-Guess who’s baaaackkkk😁

It's saturday. And this means that you can relax and enjoy the company of favorite tv characters 😍😍😍 #PersonOfInterestForever

"..... when I hired you, I suspected you were gonna be a great employee. What I couldn’t have anticipated was that you would become such a good

Limited quantity available... winning new scent by Crown Shaving Co. notes of patchouli, vanilla, rum, jasmine, cedarwood, tobacco. #personofinterest


Root, qu'en pensez vous ? Personnellement je la trouve folle mais je l'aime bien 🤣❤Je passe sur le compte de ceux qui commentent ❤

New York, New York, USA: CBS UPFRONTS...Former “Person of Interest” Michael Emerson stars in EVIL... #cbsupfront, #cbsupfronts, #upfronts, #cbs,

Bonjour Bonsoir, ceci est un compte fan de "person of interest" FRANÇAIS, il n'y en a malheureusement pas assez, donc je suis là pour changer les

Been a fan of this one here since I was 16 and started taking Criminal Justice in high school. Because of that class I became fascinated in the legal

"To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure" J.K. Rowling💕sorry about the last post guys,it got blocked by Warner bros lol


Person of Interest - in ParisVoici un projet qui me tenait très à coeur de réaliser et que je suis content de partager, certes le résultat est


Happy birthday Paige Turco, born May 17, 1965.

Ya know me, ya know I love the creature @makara_arts Here’s the genius that conjured, midwifed, nurtures and keeps shape shifting the Center

"A mild-mannered character on the set of Evil #CBS. Harmless." - Michael Emerson via his Twitter. Totally harmless, sure ;) #michaelemerson

Merhaba arkadaşlar satranç ve olasılık Harold Finch santraçta olasılıkları anlatıyor #personofinterest dizisinde herkese iyi çalışmalar

#MichaelEmerson tweeted this! A special treat indeed, he doesn't do this too often! Super 👍