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📽"This was never about winning. it is just about surviving."📸 From #personofinterest S3Ep23 "Deus Ex Machina" Finch and Reese parted with new

~ PRÉSENTATION ~ACTEURS / RÔLE #PERSONOFINTEREST ~ ~ Sarah Shahi alias Shaw ~ Shaw est un agent travaillant pour une organisation

~ PRÉSENTATION ~ACTEURS / RÔLE #PERSONOFINTEREST ~ Amy Acker alias Root Root (Samantha Groves) est une pirate informatique extrêmement

~ PRÉSENTATION ~ACTEURS / RÔLE #PERSONOFINTEREST ~ ~ Taraji P. Henson alias Jocelyn « Joss » Carter ~Elle est lieutenant de la police de 

~ PRÉSENTATION ~ACTEURS / RÔLE #PERSONOFINTEREST ~ ~ Lionel Fusco alias Kevin Chapman ~ Lionel est un lieutenant de police ripoux que Reese fait

~ PRÉSENTATION ~ACTEURS / RÔLE #PERSONOFINTEREST ~ Michael Emerson alias Harold Finch ~ . Finch est un ingénieur informatique milliardaire reclus

~ PRÉSENTATION ~ACTEURS / RÔLE #PERSONOFINTEREST ~ John Reese alias Jim Caviezel ~John Reese est un homme solitaire dont le sens de l'humour sec

Person of interest (2011-2016)Yapay zekanın potansiyeline ve insan doğasının çelişkilerine dair başarılı bir dizi. Bir bilgisayar uzman

Hello ~Aujourd'hui on va parler de la série Person Of Interest! Une de mes séries préféré 🤗Person of Interest est une série télévisé

Thank god for mum, who plans ahead with all this #loadshedding shite. Came home, with the power turning off about 5 minutes later, to find she's

[3.06]-Favorite movie of Sarah’s?

Watercolor flow series for #portraitchallenge_2019 .One face, one color, one brush and water. The colored flow decides how to paint the shadows and

July 10/11, 2013 #POINoir photos taken by @widgetfactoryco1. Reese somewhere on a rooftop watching over us2. Central Park never looked so sexy3. I

My Apple storyiSmile senselesly😁iReveal myself in layers🤗iPeel slowly😏iWatch your reaction😊iMake my verdict😚 #personofinterest

#personofinterest Harold'un kendi tasarladığı makinenin onunla birlikte satranç oynadığı kısa bir bölüm buyrun.Iyi seyirler

Only 1 week until @UnitedWeFanDoc celebrates its UK premiere at the #BFIFlare: London #LGBTQ+ Film Festival!...3 screenings: Mar 27, 29 & 30!

[shoot au]-Favorite movie of Amy’s?

Not my art !! Found on Google and fell in love with whoever made this , I was thinking would people love POI fan art ? I'm really getting into my

"I like playing characters that are redeemable – I see John Reese (Person Of Interest) as a sinner trying to find his way back.” -Jim Caviezel

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom + Shows/Characters.Track 1: The Prologue.☆ Person of Interest.☆Episodes included (in order): 5x13, 5x11, 5x02, 5x11,

Still swamped working on a top secret project 🤫 but I’ll be starting some commissions soon as well as resuming working on my other unfinished