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Voila un dessin d'un demon qui est entrain d'emporter des planete vers sa collection,le collier qu'il a l'aide a se maîtriser,je le fairais.peut

...落描き「私達って、正反対なのにぴったりはまるよね」. #イラスト  #絵  #illust  #illustration #illustrations  

Hace tiempo le tenía miedo a usar la pluma fuente. Al estar en la librería les paro hechando un vistazo pero hoy, me regalaron esta belleza. Ú

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Long time no see....Being adore with the royal ,Katemidleton...She wore almost elegant dress everywhere she go..n it suit her well❤ #katemidleton

<< Nobody is perfect... >>-----Hiiii everyone, how are you? I hope fine \(♡o♡)/Today I will tell you a tutorial on how to increase your level

Everything is a learning lesson, good and bad, so I am happy with the way things are, and I learned from everything negative. I am in a great space

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🐉I made an oc with my besties help, and the result is Kurokasai. An half dragon guy. I really like him tho... So i will definitelly do some fanarts

Date: 2016 (High school drawing)Title: Young thugMaterials: Colored pencils, Carboard Estimated time: This piece took 6 days to make.More info: I

Сегодня я подумала, что в Питере началась зима....брррр.....