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[BANCOEUR].🇨🇵Souvenir de mon voyage aux Îles Grenadines, en janvier dernier 😍.🇬🇧Souvenir of my trip to the Grenadines, last

Christianity is a peaceful religion as are all religions. Its individual humans that refuse to act peacefully. #religion #peacefull #humans

"..Me fascina observarte y oírte, a ti y a toda la humanidad que emanas, me vuelven loca tu sensibilidad y tus muestras de afecto tan tibios y

Peaceful protest outside the Algerian Embassy in London calling for the regime to step down. These protests have been happening in Algeria every

How peaceful its the sound of water 🌊 even better to wake up every morning to the sound of the waves.⠀I wish to have a home near the ocean to

People go to the zoo and they like the lion because it's scary. And the bear because it's intense, but the monkey makes people laugh... #prague

Mám v živote iba jedno prianie,cieľ , túžbu .. Objaviť raz v sebe ten pokoj ktorý vidím u nej ... Vďaka jej slovám a príspevkom si

Retreat with Sri Avinash at the Blue Mountains, Australia in 2017. ✨🌞.These beautiful retreats involve peace talks giving enlightened wisdom

Summer is the most vibrant season in Grand Teton National Park. Observe wildlife, explore 230 miles of hiking trails, cast a fishing line on the Snake

So I lose myself to find it listening to the wind blowing, cuddled by the warmth of the sun, while I rest on a green ground, or dive in calm waters

Was bedeutet dir so ein Blick in die mächtige Bergwelt?Spielplatz?Kraftort?Heimat?Oder was ganz anderes...erzählt mal 😉 #mountainlover

Get ready, #throwback week starts now!These past few sunny days reminded me of how nice it was to be able to hop on a bike and explore the beautiful