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The Begining.My stalls are empty. My stalls are empty, but my heart is full. I love to work. My husband and I are remodeling the house- fixing and

The subtle yet important balance between patience and persistence. Sending love to all beings. May we all continue reclaiming our power. May we all


PATIENCE‼️Property Investing is a LONG TERM game 📈 It takes time to compound your wealth but it really is the most LUCRATIVE strategy you'll


✨Note: It’s taken the universe 3.7 Billion Years to create YOU. ✨You started off as a dream in the divine mindnow you’re walking around

So I presented a Poem at my First Poetry Slam at Stella's Monday. The life and support of the crowd is admirable :) I was actually quite Nervous, I

We want to wish our Office Manager a fun vacation in San Diego as he enjoys Comic Con with his wife! Don't worry though our office will still be open

Back in February I was getting my routine ready for the USA yoga competition. I told my coach that I felt comfortable with all of my postures except

So Just in case you missed it.... my first ecookbook came out yesterday!!! Thank you for the outpouring of support this far!!!! This is something you

‘255x3 RPE 7 beltless sumo210x3 RPE 8 pause squats-Wasn’t able to bench again last week, so another leg day😶 My sumo form is getting better

@spiderman webs are HARD, y’all. Applicator bubbles are the bane of my existence (pictured right). Apparently whatever you do, DON’T. BREATHE.

Another CHEST WORKOUT (Upper Chest) for y’all. 🙌🏼💙 **With one shoulder workout 😉 lol.⁣⁣Targeting your upper chest will have your


Haha Grandpa Bonnah in the flesh. We in it for the long haul. Getting to my dreams even if I’m out here at 80 rapping circles around y’all haha

"Autism's Toil" ~ oil on canvas.Never stop or give up on the impossible or what seems to be impossible or what anyone tells you IS impossible! It is


June 28 I posted left photo captioned:”with persistence patience and a dash of stubbornness”. July 16 (today) right photo. The right ingredients

Happy World snake day. Who makes this days? 😂😂😂😂🤷🏿‍♂️ Enjoy your snakes today and everyday afterwards. #ballpython

💜Just a little reminder for you on this Tuesday. In this day and age, we easily get wrapped up in comparisons with those we see on social media

🌼 For sure... Who doesn’t ...and I like to send them as well...To know someone is thinking about you, bringing a smile to you face...😁It’

Got to press the re-set button down at the #jerseyshore last week !❤️🌞🐬🚴There's really nothing like waking up early with a cuppa coffee

Little video of Luna's progress today. Pepper is getting there, knew from the start what we were trying to accomplish in our session today. Had is

One of my 2019 goals: accomplished! I was so surprised and stoked that this happened today... first one pirouette, then two! Still plenty of room for

Are you ready to start making real passive income? Dividend investing is easy and anyone can do it.What's the real boss move, staying broke or

Keep working, keep going, keep reaching, and never ever stop believing. It’s right here, around the corner. #deenajanel #astralwhispers


Tarot Tuesday For #gemini #libra #aquarius A new start! A new project, a new birth, a new home, a new job, a new way of thinking, a new car, a new

Critter-proofing your dog.....One thing that sometimes catches me off guard is how surprised owners often are when they see Bellatrix the cat

...contando las olas que nos separan......curando heridas......deseando volver al mar......sabiendo que nada volverá a ser igual......soñando

"Got 'Til It's Gone"From the pages of a Yogi's Journal 🧘🏽‍♀️~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Don't-Don't-Don't It always seem to go that you Don'


(english below

When you let go and learn to trust God, it releases joy in your life. And when you trust God, you’re able to be more patient. #Patience is not just

Single origin. Out of Columbia. Think and fruity

UNPLUG needs your help!It’s not about the fall, it’s about the rise and how you get back up!

Haven’t posted any drawings in awhile, between work it’s hard to find time to work on projects. BUT, I’m getting close to figuring out the

Who else is obsessed with roasted coffee?


*New Episode Update* #51 - WE are I Do You Have Patience?wearei.podbean.comWhat does patience mean? Where does it come from? Why do we have more

For all the gyms that kicked me out for working on my dream. IM COMING BACK 2 BUY THE BUILDING‼️ #issapromise ✅ #GODONMYSIDE🙌🏾

Whether it’s business or pleasure, here are my 5 travel tips to keep me healthy and happy!

445 for a relatively conservative 1RM on this variation. I LOATHE block pulls. Who else prefers to pull from the floor