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Went ahead and put together 2 more dolls. Switched face plates, added hair to one - & swapped out all the pupils. No wigs as of yet but that’s tba

There's details in there my phone doesn't pick up, like the blushes in her face and joints. But like. I made all of her, like she's a base Draculara


Is it too late for Coachella ?Yeah? Nah?My two moods: Goth witch and bubblegum bit #ch. Not sure how I feel about Tori's boots🤔🤔. I had this


Нилла 💜 Кстати пучки на ее голове съемные! 😉✨При желании легко поменять кукле причёску. Можно вообще снять пучки или даже прицепить их на любое другое место на голове 😃⭐️Выполнено на заказ и не продаётся ⭐️ ..⁎:* :・’゜✩ ⁎ :* :・’゜✩ ⁎ :* :・’゜⁎.. Nilla 💜 Btw her 2 buns are removable! 😉✨It is easy to change doll's hairstyle . You can remove her buns or even attach them to any other place on the head 😃⭐️Commission and not for sale ⭐️ .. ... #monsterhighdoll #monsterhigh #монстрхай #монстряшка #кукламонстрхай #mhdolls #мхкуклы #ooakmonsterhighdoll #ооакмонстерхай #ooakdoll #ooak #ооак #doll #repaint #repainteddoll #кукла #customized #customizeddoll #ooakrepaint #dollshair #draculaura #reroot #kawaii #dolloutfit #dolldress #dollclothes #faceupartist #violethair

So eine süsse Maus durfte ich vor kurzem verschönern . Das ist eine Pukifee Doll , die gerade mal so groß ist wie meine Handfläche 😍. Sie ist

Pretty little Aster 💗

Nartrie e Chii, criaturas nômades disponíveis no elo7~ Essas últimas semanas tá difícil de atualizar aqui porque estou finalizando coisas que

Спойлер на ночь:) Уже завтра эта королева будет доступна к покупке на моём Etsy


☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆✨*2019.4.21.*ハッピーイースター🐰🌸🥚🐥💖✨Happy Easter

Guysss!! Look at these amazing dolls!! I was luck enough to be a part of the spring collab @m0nst3rh1ghguyyt hosted! I was a bit late so thank you for

GIVEWAY:1 Grand prize winner will get a gift pack (1 couture doll dress, 1 custom holographic vinyl doll tote bag, one pair of 12" scale aqua Fresh

It’s almost time to reveal our new project. It’s a very special one.Está quase na hora de revelar o nosso novo projeto. É muito especial.

Antes/Después Ya que se viene la última pelicula repinte este juguete de Capitán America. #actionfigure #customdoll  #dollart  #dollartist 

Yuriko Mikuzume. My little lily. This stunning kitsune was customized by @leydolls. She's an awesome artist and a sweetheart. Be sure to check out her

This little owl pal and six other owl friends will be available in my Storenvy shop tomorrow at 4PM PST! The link is in my profile. These soft,

•♡grunge girls♡-What are your plans for tomorrow?

My beautiful Yuriko has arrived!!! I love her so much. @leydolls customized her with such wonderful care and skill. I love kitsune and leyla helped me


First baby of Spring from my studio! Been too long since I’ve posted, hope this little guy makes you smile! 6” tall with 6 appendages and a

💛Happy Easter everyone, hope you’re enjoying a break (and tonnes of chocolate) wherever you are 💛 🐣💜 #doll #dolls #dollstagram


Neck peg and plastic kind of bent while I was removing the head! Will be fine once glued to reinforce it. Made some jewelry for her too! I laid it out

*Kitsune Girl*Just finished this girl! She's a ddh01 that I modified and painted. Also made her eyes. I wanted to challenge myself I try something

Meet the newest member of the ag_lovely_boy_ family!😆 She is a custom doll,she is a Samantha with a Felicity wig, her name is Camilla and I have


Aunque no me convence demasiado,, aquí mi primer intento que por ahora se quedará así una temporada hasta que me vuelvan las ganas para volverla a

Testing, testing. These two I painted last summer (2018) and they are among my first repaints anyway. It's very interesting to see what can be done to

I haven’t had much time to work on my bunny in a couple of weeks. My husband surprised me with a upgrade on our current mattress and that lead to a

Some layers on. * . * Guuurl sa cute. I was afraid that after long rest, as always, I will have problems with drawing doll's face. But no. This cutie


The noodles taste delicious . 😋

Interview with Sylvia Colasacco from S.Cola Custom Dolls / @sylviecola on the DollyCustom site:

Here are some more shots of Red-eared Terrapin while I’m working on some new dolls. This guy found a home long ago, I just want to have some of his