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I like the sky. You can look at it forever and never get tired of it, and when you don’t want to look at it anymore, you stop #nyc #nyigers

🗽Scenery Porn🗽Streets of Manhattan New York

Liberty Island in the sun 🗽☀️

One more shot of these badasses💛

New week, new stack. 10K White Gold featuring Sustainable Diamonds. Jewelry dedicated to sustainable smiles..❤ #wearesmilingrocks.. #diamonds

•• 𝗖𝗜𝗔𝗢 𝗣𝗔'Love this man 💙 it doesn't matter the filters

BTS with some of the amazing models who walked for @nabysvielman / @d.signjewelry

Simply beautiful. Mornings are my time. @pialamberg wearing hoops from our Essentials collection..❤ #wearesmilingrocks.. #diamonds

One of my favourite cities in the world. ♥️

Hey @carolinegraceallen, this was an amazing day. I love you and your smile.

The perfect winter bag in white 💖

Grateful for sunny days in winter today; I can almost feel spring’s glory in my soul while walking down the street. ... #winterisleaving

From the photo meet up last month•📷 @robertalbionzeigler for @albionproductions•In frame: @angelitasphotosnycGo follow her•Shot on

Killer Bee🐝


— COMUNA 13 — once the place of unimaginable violence, now a platform for the arts in #medellin #colombia ... •••••📷...

Walking around the streets of cold New York. These days in the big city left my mind so inspired and my heart full of love. @maeliplaza @hend0908

— A CASTLE IN MEDELLÍN — yup, there’s an actual castle with artifacts from all over Europe in the middle of Medellin, Colombia... —

— Small Town Life, Colombia — I took these yesterday highlighting key moments and places of our stay in Ciudad Bolívar, Antioquia

Winter in New York be like....🗽Scenery Porn🗽

B L A C K & W H I T E — in Medellín...•••Resumen de ayer / yesterday’s summary...••••📷 #johantolosa #2019 #vacay

love myself some festive #caffeine drinks. this was a berry #matcha or something like that + the cafe doubled as a flower shop—how cute! trying to

It’s a cabin look 💥

توازي إفتراضي

Not your typical #nytablefortwo buuuuut... I didn’t eat carbs all week for this dessert so in my opinion it still deserves a post! @milkbarstore has

Came upon this on a walk in #Rochester #NY It made me think of a potential action scene taking place, possibly out of a comic book ... ironically I

did you watch the #oscars on sunday? I have many many mixed feelings about this year’s, as well as the oscars and the film industry in general. But

The perfect nude shade in mules form 🥰| Shop link in bio for more ✨

It is not Milan Italy, it's Soho NY!!! I was amazed when I saw how fancy people look in this neighborhood! I just read that years ago this

In a New York minute.....🗽Scenery Porn🗽