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Ordered the Tonkotsu ramen and spicy miso ramen along with kimchi fried rice croquettes and the food was superb. Deliciousness Maximus!! The Ramen was


Happy 1st Anniversary to us! TSUJIRI Indonesia 🎂🎉🎊. #TSUJIRI #Matcha

Rose Lychee is a new flavor at @sweetglorianyc 💕 You can also get a swirl with matcha! It’s so good and perfect for spring 🌸

Doughnut carrot all about the missed skeets when you got holes in the trap. Carrot Cake Spiced Doughnut Holes with Mesquite Bean-Pecan Ice Cream and


#Repost @foodyfetish• • • • •Dessert Goals! 😮🍰🍫🍦Love food? Follow us: @foodyfetish❣️vc: @yemekneredeyenircomTag a

***Feedus.Toronto feeding ourselves in New York City***⁣⁣⁣⁣So these were probably the best cream puffs I ever had. This small coffee shop in

A fusion between Italian and Japanese. Taste like chicken parmesan ramen. Satisfies both cravings!! 🤩😋🥰 Tomato & Katsu Ramen - Fried Kale,

A dining experience that left me wanting to jump on a plane every weekend just so I can eat here. Wagyu Butchers Feast, an incredible wine list &

If you had to choose between being single for the rest of your life or eating tacos everyday, would you choose hard or soft tacos ?? @sonsofessexles

When the queen cooks up some ribeye steaks 🥩

Dear @gameofthrones: you sent the wrong noods last night. @xianfoods spicy cumin lamb hand-pulled noodles, worth way more hype than the last GoT

Join us May 4, 2019 at @DocksOysterBar​ (NYC) from 12:30pm-3:30pm for Docks Derby Day 2019 Spring Oyster Festival. Enjoy a great selection of


💢New Ice Cream Spot Alert💢 @milkcowny just opened a few days ago for their soft opening. They mainly serve milk flavored ice cream and offer a

Eating #veganpizza will never be the same again. I’ll compare them all to @doublezeromk pizza and they’ll fail! Amazing!😍😍. This is is the

What a beautiful Belga salad with endive, apples, candied walnuts, pecorino, and hazelnut vinaigrette! Fun fact: the shape of the endive plant

This pizza reminded me of earth day, kinda: spinach with goat cheese, thyme, and Calabrian chiles (Spring Betty) @portajerseycity #jerseycity

Happy Earth Day to all RPM sponsors, vendors, attendees!🌎🌼 Did you know that last year's market was a 100% green event, thanks in large part to

SURF N’ TURF SUSHI 🥩🦞🍣 Would you??


First meal of the day after a day of flights = a 4pm feast @sqirlla when there are no lines and no one to judge when I scarfed down that hunk of

Duck for days 🦆 @chef_kennygwan recently learned how to make brick oven duck. Does this look delicious or what?! 😋..... #chefmode

Taurus gang waaaadup 🎂🎂🎂🎂CINCO DE MAYOTHE GOLDEN ERA⭐️⭐️Sun MAY 5 2019 ⭐️⭐️$$Champagne Campaign$$celebrity Birthday

Died and went to #vegan heaven at @matthewkenneycuisine’s Double Zero Pizza with this starter Artisanal Charcuterie Plate. We are not worthy

You might say it’s fast food but it’s the best noodles in NYC to satisfy my cravings 😋 #philthyeats🍽 spicy cumin lamb pulled noodles📍


Chicken Burrito from @dostoros 🌯With; guac, pico de galo, black beans, sautéed peppers and onions, roasted corn, cheese and the HOT habanero

slippery mixian, milky white bone broth, marinated dried bean curd, dumplings, garlicky cucumbers, seaweed, chive skewers. 🥢 #dengjinoodlehouse

Tonight we have Grilled Chicken topped with shallots and bell peppers sprinkled with dried cilantro And on the side we have a vegetable medley.

another day another avo toast

Friends, who has been to, or lives in NYC? What are your top recommendations for things to do... activities, dining, shopping, sight seeing, etc

under wraps


📍 Day 15: Jacques Torres Chocolate (Upper West Side)⁣⁣🧾 Chocolate Chip Cookie💬 Perfectly chewy and chocolatey #forkyeah #bestfoodny

Garlic knots 💍 are forever ❤️Nothing beats garlic knots and pizza on 🌧☔️ days—Few tips 😉:• can never go wrong with the

It’s unfortunate that the caption tomato tomahto doesn’t quite translate in writing. 🍅🌱||I’m reaaaaaady for all the warm-weather Foods.

Last night, I made a delicious chicken pesto that came out so good that I forgot to take a pic and just dove right into it. I had leftovers, so I

Lemongrass 5-spice seitan w/curried cashews sandwich, couldn't do the wasabi mayo tho. Asked for it w/out but was added anyway. Didn't realize


Up close and personal with our slow roasted short rib....hope you don’t mind 🤤 Cr: 📸 @joshyfong

Stromboli Pizzeria - East VillageReally liked the vibe on the inside, this is a perfect local neighborhood spot. There are lots of choices. I went

Oh it’s drool worthy! Scrumptious didilliumptious, indeed! The classic croissant and coffee from @hungarianpastryshopnyc This is what dreams are

Feeling nostalgic to Santa Monica days and weekend brunches 🍳

The parents somehow had to remind me that (a)Taiwanese cuisine is untouchable-y the shit, (b) that I still don’t know Chinatown and Flushing as well

Opium den ice cream at @iceandvice is my favorite ice cream flavor that I’ve ever tried... the single thing that made me sure I wanted to work there

My favorite sushi in the city with my favorite company ••Marvelous Roll - Juicy King Salmon rolled with avocado, mango, fresh jalapeño, and


Window shopping is dangerous ⛔️