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If you are ever in NEW YORK CITY and need accommodations then PLEASE FOLLOW @staynovo I only go with them! And as someone that travels for a living I

Reposted from @erindogovich ( @get_regrann) - 20 dogs🐕20 PRECIOUS SOULS AT RISK🙏.10/22/2019 12 NOON DEADLINE TUESDAY 🚦.. IT'S 6PM -


Looking Forward Is The Only Way To Find More Abundantly ☔️ #Classic

God gave you another day for a reason. Now go find out what it is. Good morning beautiful souls! ✨ Happy Monday Beautiful people #baddie #beauty


Just another cat having a bad day In Brooklyn. Makes you wonder about the story behind it all #brooklyn #newyork #nyc

God gave you another day for a reason. Now go find out what it is. Good morning beautiful souls! ✨Happy Monday beautiful people #baddie #beauty

.......So without saying it directly to me, he was saying to me... “You are okay”... because everybody in this town is a bit crazy

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Spark The Next, an initiative that invites youths to shape their vision for Singapore's future through SG Youth Action Plan. Come join me at Spark The

Our teddy bunny in use😍Gorgeous picture by @amandamarieartistryThank you so much, Amanda!⠀ #statenislandmaternityphotographer

Illusionary structures——————————-

Nemůžeme už být více nadšení! 🗽🍎🏙️ Od 17. do 21. listopadu nás můžete vidět na @timessquarenyc!Takže pokud se tou dobou budete


🚨📍Bom exemplo do DF. Deveria ser assim em todo o Brasil. Leia mais nos Stories.Arraste para mais fotos>>🚨📍

.......特別なことゎもぅしない。. 昔わ、朝から朝まで遊んで少し寝てまた遊んでた🗽🇺🇸..今ゎ6

La cara es porque tengo TANTAS cosas que agradecer... se que me veo un poco cansado y no es la típica foto que un “artista” debería poner en su

Thailand #love #London #newyork #berlin #paris #germany #USA #nature #travel #hdr #nyc #England #beautiful #france #dublin #rome #italy #Australia

NYの観光は朝一行くのがベストだな⛴船内のコーヒーとホットドックが美味しかった🥺🌭☕️ #stateofliberty


[07.31.19] Summer House ConcertEdvard Grieg Violin Sonata no.3, Op.452. Allegretto espressivo alla Romanza - Allegro molto - Tempo l. #violin

Torrefazione Orlando vi aspetta ad Ostuni presso la Pasticceria Caffetteria Chantal a Triggiano, curata da una storica famiglia di Pasticceri di

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첫 시즌 시그너쳐부터 내가신어야지 하고 눈독 들이던 새 시즌 제품까지 싹 쓸어간 당신🖤사진만 예뿌게 찍어주세욤🤗 ✈️NYC

Deja que salga la presión.Lunes.A por él! 💪🏻Estas chimeneas liberan el vapor de agua sobrante que se utiliza en la refrigeración de los


First Coffee ☕️✋

PLAYLIST OF OCTOBER -----------------------mxmtoon-prom dressVerzache-Losing My LoveBillie Eilish-listen before I goNohidea-Smilelofi.samurai-

In the streets of NYC🗽