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2 Days... The “Off The Roost” series trailer by Stick & String Tv airs. Monday at 8pm it airs on YouTube. Link in bio, can’t wait for everyone

I got into some pretty nasty areas shed hunting and scouting today! A few times I found myself wondering why I didn’t ever grouse Hunt these spots.

Super proud of @ashton_outdoors, he was able to seal the deal on a big 2 bearded tom today. First beard is 9 1/4" and second is 4 1/8". It poured on

Donated a knife to the #nwtf #banquet I did it for the #turkey winner of the knife decided she wanted an autograph so I gladly obliged ;). Fun night

One of the best hunts I have ever been a part of! Doubled up on opening morning of the GA hunting season with my best hunting buddy. Definitely a day

What an awesome day for conservation here in NH! 27 NEW Turkey Hunters were introduced to the passion/ obsession. It was great getting to spend the

Finally found pics of the bird i blasted few years back with the goofy cinnamon wings. Seen a post the other day sayin it's kinda rare in an eastern.

Gunnar turned 1 month old today, so I figured I’d celebrate the occasion by bringing him on his first turkey scouting trip. The boy already loves

Bruce was able to connect on a gobbler this morning! Kill footage wasn’t great but the aftermath is awesome! Coming soon! #LakewoodHuntingLodge

After being laid up in my bunk the last 3 days sick as a dog I’m finally feeling human again. But can’t wait to get back home and chase some

The days are starting to get a little longer and the temperatures are starting to get warmer. That only means one thing, it’s almost turkey time in

Strutting Turkey in Frost⠀⠀Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo)⠀⠀Cades Cove - Great Smoky Mountains National Park (March 19, 2019

Just spending my money tonight. Supporting the hunt! Giving back to the jakes! @official_nwtf teaches young hunters so much. Good food! Good

Stupid turkey's anyhow!!! What a cold...quite....gobble-less morning it was. At least it was warm enough to complete some hive inspections. I can't

Andrew and Mark are fueled up and headed to Texas this weekend to chase Rios! Stay tuned! Good luck, fellas!

What an awesome time me and Dax had together in the turkey woods. Love this guy more than he’ll ever know. Hopefully @broadside27 and the Old Man

Got my new @primos_hunting surround view blind yesterday and put it up this morning (my dad is going to brush it in for me tomorrow). Got out there

Opening day strutter! This bird gave me the silent treatment, and I had no idea he was anywhere around until his hen betrayed him and led him right to

Here's an archived interview with @NateHosie, co-host of @HeadHunterTV on @OutdoorChannelTV, with key tactics for hunting educated spring birds

Spring turkey is right around the corner. Picked up some ammo today. What is your go to ammo for turkey? Leave it in the comments

The saga continues, we got in a quick hunt Thursday afternoon after seeing some good sign we set up on a food plot and did our best, but it’s never

Solid opener here in the southern region. We didn’t get the job done first thing this morning, but we connected on a nice bird around noon!

Beretta Al391 with burnt bronze Cerakote and Green Leaf hydrographics and Benelli SBE3 with FDE cerakote and Natural Gear hydrographics. #remington

Patriot Brown Cerakote with Mossy Oak Old School Bottomland camo dip. Send your black gun in and for $300 you get cerkote and hydrographics camo

It's been a long week. 1 #winchestersx3 cerakoted FDE and hydro dipped Nartual Gear. 2 Eaa dipped in Mossy Oak Bottomland. 3 Benelli SBE3 hydro dipped