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i love it when girls have their hair in a pony tail or bun and there’s a SINGLE strand out like that could fucking KILL me and boys with curly hair

The sign said "God says homosexuality is sin" but that sentance sounds grammatically incorrect to me. Buuut nevertheless, this is the best response

Young Leo🤔

Hey, also I died my hair magenta and here are some risqué pictures with an unbuttoned shirt because fuck you that’s why ❤️....

You are smart, funny, witty, driven, flirty, dependable, bossy, unique and powerful. You are a Diva! The Diva Bomber Jacket is for you. #diva

I’m still feeling lots of feels, I’m still working on quitting smoking, and still working on being more comfortable with being a trans girl, this

wanna be on ur mind

Today was a DAY, y’all. Not for any one reason, but just the WEIGHT of accumulation of lots of little things, good and bad, has left me spent. Sheer

Constantly grateful for these beautiful and powerful people who have loved, nurtured and shaped me since I was 10 years old. #family #siblings

SAVE THE DATE: MAY 11 from 6pm.Our member launch party and silent auction will be held at our ‘club pub’ The Fox Hotel! Mark it in your diaries.

@antiquemascara took me to Medieval Times for my birthday. The green knight was defeated in combat. Lord Stychek and Lady Balon were displeased.

So it's been a whole d a m n second ~ 👺(Still looking for admins so p l e a s e hit me up lmao)-(Tags whoops) #lgbtq🌈 #lgbt #lesbian #gay #bi

❤️oh my god I learned about some stuff myself while reading this, maybe others will too!❤️---aesthetic #lgbtaesthetic #lgbt

I feel so lucky to have you in my life. 💘 1111

this post is hot and going around a lot rn so ill just repost it as well yeah?k. this is such a sweet post though-josh

what makes her beautiful?? your hair is gorgeous and (this will sound weird) but your nose is like a button and it's cute. comment below

Running on E

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