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An iconic landmark.A beautiful day to walk from one end and back.

Out exploring rooftop views with the super talented @guygabriel57 and @simmulated ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kindly peek at the tagged creatives They are an


You're acting like a stranger'Cause you thought it looked like fun....————————————————————————

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Central Park from above. Have you ever been here? ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Follow

Time for Top Gun!

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One World Observarory: Rascacielos más alto del hemisferio occidental y el sexto rascacielos más alto del mundo. #nycity #manhattan #bestofnyc


N Y C - D Z I E Ń 10•Chcieliśmy dziś zacząć Color Factory ale niestety bilety były wyprzedane 🤷🏻‍♀️ pojechaliśmy więc na Coney

Have you ever walked under an archway or bridge...and wondered.. if a troll would be on the other side?.Just reason...🙄.Central

Out for the night

The Empire State Building illuminated in violet & white colors 💜🔮🔦🚖🇺🇸.Photo by @megmisiak2 💫.TAG SOMEONE YOU'D ENJOY THIS

Vergeudete zeit mit Menschen kann man nicht zurück drehen, aber man lernt in der Zukunft die Zeit der wichtigen Menschen zu schätzen ❤

Delmonico’s, a New York classic. This steakhouse opened in 1837 and gained the reputation as one of the nation's top fine dining establishments. The


The beaches are officially open tomorrow for the holiday weekend. Now, I'm not jumping in that freezing water but if you want to, it is not a problem

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Make sure you don’t forget to check out the Central Park side from Top of the Rock! It’s even more beautiful in the nighttime with all the lights

Art Deco ...

With the show of hands, who all want a technicolor bear-hug to kick off the long weekend


Union Square znajduje się w sercu Manhattanu na skrzyżowaniu ulic Broadway i Czwartej Alei. Swoją nazwę zawdzięcza właśnie unii (połączeniu)

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Drunk on the blood red sky 🍻🍻..Taken yesterday after all my plans got canceled. Why not turn lemons into lemonade?..On a side note, one of

Happy 136th Birthday Brooklyn Bridge! the incredible landmark. •••On May 24, 1883, the #BrooklynBridge was officially opened, connecting

Só porque deu vontade de postar mesmo. Tentei achar uma foto inédita mas não tem e eu amo essa foto. 😊😬Fazendo a plena mas quase desmaiando


It’s Friday, Pause, Take Deep Breaths & Enjoy The Upcoming Weekend 💛 What About Lunch in Washington Square Park? #fun #NewYorkCity

Missing all my beautiful cousins already😩My favorite part about occasions like these, is taking a moment to slow down and cherish what a great big

Love is most definitely in the air 🕊