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I love Central Park and Bethesda Fountain by the Boat House 😍🥂❤️🗽😎 Today Was a great day for this. #positivevibes

You have to #enjoy life. Always be surrounded by people that you like, people who have a nice conversation. There are so many positive things to think

🍔Stomachs hold diff compartments for Burgers 😜•In View; @blacktailnyc BLACKTAIL BURGER 🍔:🥩Prime Beef & Chorizo Blend, 🍞Brioche Bun


All the Hudson Yards photos in my feed are of @thevesselnyc so I went this week to show some attention to @theshedny. It’s awesome - go have a look

Happy Friday 🥂 good times @rockcentercafe delicious happy hour😋 I recommend the food we had the hummus is so delicious, what they call the

Ever Wonder Where the Plastic Goes? Now I know there is NO Away in Thrown Away! #jj_texture #mytexturefix #addicted_to_details #allyoucantexture

Need to take a step back and collect myself sometimes and its been a while since I've done this. Ive got shit to acomplish and i need to be at my


Blue Bottles at Russ and Daughters #myworld_in_blue #blue_illife #myblue life #total_myblue #asi_es_blueworld #jj_texture #mytexturefix


At one of my favorite places @highlinenyc 😍 I would love to come here and sit on one of these comfy lounge chairs with a good book. Fun Fact: some

Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do every day what should be done, and every #sunset will see you that much nearer to your #goal

Got my old phone working. Dad realized duh,it has two sim slots. The other one works. One less thing to think of. Been focusing on my job like i need


Happy Monday! Out and about few days ago in NYC 😍 hometown. Flatiron Building, Eataly, Empire State Building, Art Mural, @highlinenyc ❤️

In 1921, Victory with Peace, a monument depicting Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory, leaning forward with an olive branch, the symbol of peace, was

Awake editing....this is the day i went to Long Island City ....<=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=> #eclipsedimagery #nyrush #streetshootinsob

Good morning annnnd Happy Mothers day to all you Moms,surrogate Moms,,Daddy Moms, sibling Moms, neighbor Moms and all those Grandmas that are just

Well Dressed Dogs #artsfortransit #boyandhisdogs #dailycircus #mansbestfriend #mansbestfriend🐶 #weimeraners #weimeranersofinstagram #weimlife

The Well Dressed Dog #artsfortransit #boyandhisdogs #dailycircus #mansbestfriend #mansbestfriend🐶 #weimeraners #weimeranersofinstagram #weimlife

Flow and Topper Waiting for a Train #boyandhisdog #boyandhisdogs #dailycircus #mansbestfriend #mansbestfriend🐶 #weimeraners


My man left me a nice tip here. And tips have been rolling in lately, especially today. You know whats a trip? The fact that i work for uber so the

Freshly paved. Soooooooooo smooooooooth and satisfyiiiiing. Someone wants some Bombay Sandwich Co. Im on it..... <=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=> #eclipsedimagery


"Once you cross that line aint no commin back" 🌊🌊🌊🚲🌊🌊🌊<=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=> #eclipsedimagery #nyrush #streetshootinsob

when i hit 700 followers (still cant believe I already hit 800 since. i know where that spike came from✌✌✌) i told everyone that the first

So after 5 phone calls and emails, one 5 minute talk at the Uber office in Long Island City and blam im back online. SOOO MUCH BULL SHIT RIGHT NOW...

#Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It's about widening your knowledge and absorbing the #truth about life. #brooklyn

Whatcha Doin’? Is that a treat?Man’s Best FriendStationary Figures was commissioned by the MTA Arts & Design to grace the walls of the recently

What a triiiiiip. So Im sitting in the middle of the Williamsburg because i felt like riding it right? Having a problem changing my default uber

Folks this is @massiahg out of #Queens and the tri state will be seeing a lot more of him soon. He followed me a few months back and today he actually


Misty Morning on the Williamsburg Bridge #intheshadowoftheelevated #mistymorning #mistymornings #thestreetphotographyhub #symmetricalmobs