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Antes de comenzar a buscar, el primer paso debe ser determinar cuanto dinero puedes gastar. Una buena regla general es que la familia no debe gastar

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Trying to wake my body up. I have work to do! Happy Tuesday, friends. 🥰 #Repost @salsalegends48• • • • • #OrquestaAbranPaso #TitoAllen

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Come to the best 🙌, Everything is in stock!! DM us for the price!!!! We finance, layaway! Worried about your credit, we don’t run a credit check

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Let's come together to honor the service and remember the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform and salute all who served, in war and peace.

That you don't know what you've gotOh you don't know what you've gotNo you don't know what you've gotUntil it's goneUntil it's goneUntil it's

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ئەم پۆستەش بۆئێوەی ❤🌹💙. BELOGO #belogo_¸.·'`¯(❤)¯´'·.¸_

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Winter wonderland in Upstate NY. Couldn't have asked for more. 🤩❄️🌌

Your accomplishments should never get old! I don’t care if you did it 3 weeks ago, 6 months ago, or 4 years ago YOU DID IT!! Never stop celebrating

Эту фотографию сделал Ормонд Джигли.Дело было в Нью Йорке.Известный фотограф наблюдал за демонтажом дома напротив. И решил запечатлеть его за день до сноса .Ормонд попросил одного из рабочих убрать из оконных проёмов рамы. Тот согласился, с одним условием - его жена должна быть на фото.Когда все ушли на ланч, модели и подруги фотографа встали в проёмы окон. Девушка в розовом платье во втором окне справа на третьем этаже - жена фотографа.'Girls in the Windows', 1960, Ormond Gigli..Спасибо, @evelinakhromtchenko за историю.

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Fact: I don’t have the cleanest diet but I make sure I cash out on my IOU ticket every single session...(some time last week) Side note: They’ll


Unexpectedly sang at @topaznyc last night, where a very kind stranger named Jared lent me his guitar. I did a song I wrote on the road this summer (

I don’t think this is an official rule, but I’m willing to abide by it. 😎 #tuesdaythoughts #tuesday #mta #subway #newyork #nyc #unlessyourecool

No 🧢


You gotta be able to smile through all this bullshit.Remember that.