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This is me trying to come back from challenging day yesterday. .First half of the day was spent on argument with my mother. Yes, my mother. .Some of

A little Monday Motivation...Start where you are and be consistent. It adds up quicker than you think. #changeyourmindset #Motivation


On the window panes during heavy rains, I feel my worth. I go lost among drops on cars and roads, against parched balcony arcs and electrical poles. I


Summer’s coming and „the sun is shining in my face“. Listen to my new song „New Day“ and its fitting lyrics!Youtube:

Monday Motivation is a real thing. REALLY! Did you know that studies have shown that people are more likely to start a new exercise routine or healthy


I am so excited to announce that I’m officially part of the Motiv8 Athlete family 💕 I want to thank @motiv8performance for allowing me this

When you have your life in perspective and are thankful for all that you have and had. Your able to identify items in life using compassion and


The birds chirping a conversation; the breeze singing in the trees; the wings of bees buzzing as they hunt for nectar and the distant hum of traffic

Happy Monday!! When your dentist office is AMAZING and welcomes you bringing in your little 3 month old baby to hang out behind the receptionist desk

🌠Hay que seguir constantes en la búsqueda de lo que nos hace felices 💖🌈 Take your time yo know what you want because when you know it you

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! Let’s have an amazing new week


⠀⠀Ни когда не понимал девочек, вам нравятся плохие мальчики.⠀Странно, ведешь себя как циничная сволочь и вам это нравится, просто нет отбоя.⠀Стоит проявить заботу, нежность, уважение и чувства по мимо животных желаний и все, падаешь в ваших глазах и теряешь всякий интерес для вас.⠀Любить вас и показывать от вас свою зависимость, равносильно выстрелу самому себе в голову. ⠀Нет ни чего хуже унижения, унизишься один раз и все, это превратит тебя в не ликвид...⠀С вами обращаются по свински, ну и хорошо, вы это терпите, значит вы этого достоины.⠀Этл сигарета, как подобные истории, была сухая, быстрая с мерзковатым вкусом и как подобные истории просто вредна.⠀Данная история для меня, себя исчерпала.⠀28 лет доброй и снисходительной жизни привели к одному умозаключению, все хорошее нужно оставить для себя и поделиться лишь с теми, кто к делится с вами.⠀Все остальные просто не достоины вашего внимания и понимая.⠀Удачи🖐⠀p.s. #непропаганда #дляобраза #nosmoking И помните, курить вредно и вас совсем не красит, а вот качалка 4 раза в неделю и творог по утрам это хорошо😁⠀ #girl #девочки #философия #мысливслух #яживу #новыйдень #lucky #хорошеенастроение #позитив #power #man #goodday #goodluck #newday #life #goodpeople #philosophylive #live #sex #bigcity #better #supreme

A daily reminder for myself as well as all of you! I hope everyone’s Monday is going well and if not, tomorrow is a new day. I have to remind myself

💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯For booking & features contact management @losmoet .Download the new album "Aries" now link in bio

Ah!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉Look what came in the mail today!!!! #PsychicToProphetBook Exciting!! So grateful to Anika Nikki Pettiford and Valerie Condo

Good morning everyone! After a quiet weekend with memories and grief, we're back - and we've got a whole new dragonling species here at the Aviary!


Leadership 101. I believe this is why in many arenas things are being exposed because leaders are simply not practicing what they preach! #newseason

Monday workout done ✔✔Ready for this weeks challange 💪Eat clean week 🥗Never look back, your not going that way 😉 #newweek #newday

Boneka Barbie ku... 🙌🏻😎🤘🏻😁😍😘🙏🏻💪🏻🔥👊🏻💥🐉photo taken by @nandazulsi 📸🖤🥊☠️✔️💯🎶

Duygusal olarak yara almak, insanın yaşadıklarına karşı psikolojik tepki geliştirmesine sebep olur. Örneğin reddedilme duygusu karşısında

🐾🖤📱Hope this helps! ———————————————————Follow me @threadsheaven for more

I'm breaking up with being insecure. I'm breaking up with being compared to people who are smarter than me. I'm breaking up with caring about what

Dos años atrás ⌛."Dejo de ser una casualidad se transformó en algo normalLo normal se volvió en algo fastidiosoLo fastidioso terminó con la

Monday sets the tone for the week.The best Monday motivation is yourself. Be a beast today!.And be awesome. 😎.Happy Mon-slay!


🔴⚪️⚫️ “Tomorrow is a wasteland where dreams go to die. If you continue to put your dream off until later, later will never arrive.” ~

Le château de Chantilly se situe à Chantilly(Oise), en région des Hauts-de-France, en France, dans la vallée de la Nonette, affluent de l'

It’s a new day and a new week.... filled with so many opportunities and possibilities! I’m ready to take full advantage of each one of them

🇳🇿 "The beautiful West Coast, Looking towards Mount Cook. Great shot by @debc_nz".Follow: @goodvibesnz..Repost: @destinationnz.


I love Mondays so much! We don’t have to rush off to work, stressed about the week to come, we get to wake up at our own pace slow and steady. We

Sheep's Head Lighthouse marks the southern tip of Bantry Bay.. It is 83 m above sea level, the light is 3 flashes every 15 seconds.. Long flight of