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Traveling alone was the most liberating life changing experience of my life. I was always ask how do I do it all the time going on trips solo. I


Not always weather is sunny and a clear but we are always having fun. We have a new school coming on Feb 2020. Everybody is welcome. #montaña #monta

Throwback to Iceland today. My wife is an amazingly strong woman who inspires me daily. Adventure and travel makes have always been a big part of her


Some of the best adventures happen right on our doorstep. For this girl, twigs and pine cones are far more exciting than toys. So we get a little

This tulle top has just been restocked and it’s perfect for NYE or a night out!! Grab it before it sells out again! #liketkit

The toasty oasis that is Phlox Point Cabin makes it one of my favorite spots on Mt Hood 🌲🏔🔥 The Fire is always roaring inside and out, but

~don’t fall for it~1, 2, or 3? •••In frame: @kennedy.kball


The reason I love photography is because the creative possibilities are limitless! Photography is not what you see, it’s how YOU see it. Messing

The 13th District, an Open Air Museum. Part 1 Last year I liked Paris, this year, I fell in love with Paris.When I went to Paris last summer, I

Christmas x Disney

I swear, this shrug wasn't planned. Sometimes you capture a moment and it sums up a scene beautifully. This is the body language that comes out of me

today’s christmas sunset🧖‍♀️ 🧖‍♂️ 🛁 🌲🏔🍄🛁🏡🦊🌲🌲🍂❄️ link in bio available on @airbnb #airbnbcabins


Find the 4K video here: or visit my YT channel from my Profile. #bbctravel #beautiful #boy #colombia #desert #earthpix

getting to be at glacier point was well worth the wait for sunset even if we all froze our fingers off #BeAlpha•••• #adventure #explore

Wandering above the clouds and into the cotton candy sunset


Thanks to this beautiful lady for organising amazing meet ups, teaming up with awesome charities like @mindcharity helping people beat those winter

Willy Dee and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. A fun stretch of trail at #eastforklake and a beautiful score by Mr. John Williams, one that opens the best

When you get to dog sit for the parents in the country of Texas and it is GORGEOUS weather, you soak up every minute! 😍...Use code

Cooking some Swiss style venison and vol au vent :)


For those that don’t know- I’ve been living on the road, full-time, for the last 18 months. In a mid-sized SUV. I have a rooftop cargo box, a bed

Christmas is almost here! Don’t wait til the last minute & grab someone the best gift this winter—a @bluebird.hats 😍💙❄️ #madeinoregon

It’s rather easy to shine in the light than to “glow in the dark”.. The more you glow, the more others glow back at you.. Let your soul glow

Looking through photos to post for my monthly travel/exploring recap and feeling all the feels. This year was filled with a lot of highs and lows but

You can find California sea lions, Steller sea lions and Harbour seals in the local area of Vancouver! Usually they play in the water or relax on the

Even though it is nice to have the Christmas tree up at home, we both agree that looking at a palm tree would be better 🌴. @tuiuk


"Cada día puede ser el último, así que haz todo aquello que te apetezca, porque puede que mañana ya no vayas a tener la oportunidad." 🌋

Junto a Mario en el campamento Atacama, porteador de Perú, un crack de la altitud, logrando la cumbre en tiempos record🌋 #mountaineering

The Malta Tales.......🧜‍♀️🏰🏝💒🏛🕍⛲️.Do you know where each of these pictures are clicked

Una tremenda persona, Francisco viajo desde España solo para venir a maravillarse de las montañas en Chile 🇨🇱 agradecer a la vida por trabajar