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Back with my Signature shot this time in Napa Valley.•Now I’ve gotten slammed about the shoes scratching the paint, or my weight denting the

Now this is a creme brulee ! Just a Perfect dish at the Brasswood winery in the Napa valley.. A perfect custard and crunchy caramel topping with a

For my wine lovers not heading across the Atlantic, Napa Valley in California is the place to go. It's a popular group getaway spot and for good


I told her it was an Amador Zin and she just took her Panties off. Then she told me she supported Trump. I told her to go piss up a rope grabbed my


This lad over here, with that pineapple hair-do, who's so earnestly and sincerely deciphering the building blocks of the universe in the #bouquet of

1 month today until we jet off to the USA @lornaschniz 😆🇺🇸✈️ Hopefully there’ll be as many opportunities for a sneaky wine as on this

SLOAN ESTATE MASTERCLASS ..At Watson's Wines with Bernard de Laage de Meux, General Manager of SLOAN ESTATE, doing the masterclass for the Watson

2 years ago today i wrote “Mad”...

【Jazz up Zinfandel】品味八面玲瓏的加州葡萄酒美國加州葡萄酒可以稱得上是新世界的佼佼者,早在18


Looking forward to showing off some amazing wines from Orin Swift on Friday 5th July.Join us for canapes & 4 courses with paired wines for only £65

It is worth to go!! 🍽✨🍷.Gatehouse Restaurant is located not convinced place where is in the campus of The Culinary Institute of America (CIA

***ここの #馬肉 が美味しいときいて、 #中洲多門通り にある #博多肉色 さん ☺︎*遅い時間の集合だったから食事はちょこちょこつまむ感じで、、* #馬レバ刺し #馬刺しの盛り合わせ #馬ヒレカツ*を頂いて、この日のお供は #ケンゾーエステート#ai を頂きました ✌︎*どれも美味しかったー!*この後ハシゴして遊び疲れた夜でした。笑** #wine #redwine #california #kenzoestate #napavalley #ai


#샌프란시스코여행✈️ 5일차-1날씨좋은 #napavalley

Had the best time visiting @sterlingvineyards in Calistoga this weekend! #ad 🍇🍷 [SWIPE FOR THE VIDEO PREVIEW and view the full thing on my IGTV


sorry guys

Had a lovely time at Chardonnay Golf Club and Winery tonight with my group from the conference. Nothing says group building like sharing our stories

I’m on cloud wine.

Wine Tasting with these spectacular views 🍷🤩 What a special place! Definitely worth the winding roads and steep drive up Diamond Mountain!

Florals + drip + sprinkles +rope border= pure love in cake form 💕💕💕💕

Made for men. Loved by women.


Sullivan Vineyards on the tour today! Gorgeous grounds. Taste outside on the patio. Lovely assortment of wines to experience here. #winegypsytours

Looooooots of stuff going out this week. Strala, Hill Family, Bushong Vintage Co., Meadowcroft, and Brian Arden are just the ones I had on hand.

日本人がオーナーのワイナリー ケンゾーエステイト紫鈴(りんどう)アメリカナパバレー人気(美味い)ときいて買ってみたナパバレーのワインでは #オーパスワン がチョー有名ででらゃ美味い❗さてケンゾーさんは?🤗👏 #kenzoestate #rindou #rindou2016 #紫鈴 #紫鈴2016 #ワイン #napavalley

Reason #3622 to do what your coach says:Do not mix up exercises from different days on your own. Your coach plans exercises on certain days for

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