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I didn’t want to do it today, but mom wouldn’t let me not do it; for that I am grateful! Sometimes I just don’t feel it, but once it gets done,

He loves to watch me workout and tries to join in. He makes the hardest moments so much easier and brings so much laughter to my day. His dad and I

I may not ever get rich doing this job, I may not be remember after these riders take on the knowledge I’m helping teach them after they leave every

Like hitting the lotto but better ❤️😭 #myboys


My team is sailing the seas, soaking in the sun & basking in the fruits of their hard earned labor.I couldn’t be happier for all of them, bc I

Imma fuck Shaun up the next time he punch my baby like that... Ashton think he training somebody talking bout not so hard.. 😫😫😫 .. #mylife

I can't get enough of this video. 😍 I went to work this afternoon & when things started getting to me, I watched this clip. 👬 My two boys,

D I S N E Y D A Y 1 was a huge hit with our main man!! 🎉🎉 As a kid I remember Disney being a fun place (obviously) but nothing compares to

WE’RE BACK! After the most amazing vacation we are finally home and trying to settle into our routine•We have a lot going on in these next few

I love how much my boys love each other...they treat one another with so much respect and kindness, it really does create such a peaceful home...

What a beautiful day it turned out to be 🤗 ☀️

Snow in the background and garden tools in his little man is ready for spring cleanup ❤️☀️🧹 #yardwork #yardcleanup

My big boy is feeling a little better today! He’s on antibiotics for the infection and we got to sleep in our own beds last night so we were both

Surprised how this $10 artwork complemented our breakfast nook! The geometric pattern juxtaposed the round table and centerpiece. Scored big time eh

These last few days Keenan has not wanted to leave my side. Everywhere I go (bedroom, garage, the bathroom) Keenan is right behind following me. I’