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Who here I being by the ocean or water? I find it so peaceful and the sounds of the waves is so meditative. Have a pleasant Wednesday... #water


Tbt, Time capsuleGermany...1994 during the winter. I love the architecture of the buildings. A time when Life seemed to feel simpler. #time

Don't let rings on your furniture get the best best you, use a coaster!Just learning how to make coasters, so these new pieces we're fun to make.


V O T E .....I need votes! Please!!!!! Thanks copy and paste these urls:

Happy Independence Day So grateful to live in this beautiful country. God bless America.Time capsule moment photo taken in New York July, 1998. My

Sometimes it's nice just to hang out with your peeps and chill. Happy Friday🐥🐥🐥 #peeps #birds #birdsofinstagram #birds🐦

New clip boards, swipe to see more11.5x11.5, ready to hang$15 eachall 3 have some degree of white paint.I love them!local pick for now, wtmNot


Swipe to see more..New product ideas Stone 4x4 coasterssealed.Tissue transfer technique (horses) or Photo print (bird and ymbrellas).which do

Love this quote... even though I have days where I get discouraged and I feel like I'm not making any progress with my art I have to keep moving right


What is it about dragonflys ...In almost every part of the world, the Dragonfly symbolizes #change, #transformation, #adaptability, and #self-

Available,mixed media on wood [12×12], faded [as seen here] print option too.message link in biochickadee on a branch

Creeker Horses Prints availableSize: 8x10


Acrylic PaintingSize: 20x24x1.5 Original If interested please message me, link in bio👩‍🎨👩‍🎨👩‍🎨 #originalart #Painting

I'll say it again!!! My first gnome stickers!!!! 2×2.5 small but big cuteness!!! I still have some, $3 each, mails it within the U.S. Message me or

Hi, it's me the face behind my art pieces! Just thought I would take a moment and express my gratitude for the little things in my life, and to the

Up and away.... 11x14x.5 canvas with acrylic paint. Available $25 local pickup available or postage extra $9

Time for the beach...Throw pillows!!! @fineartamerica 👩‍🎨👩‍🎨👩‍🎨

Life can be joyful, exciting, sad and painful...To experience all forms of emotion is to be human. #lifequotes #life, #death, #joy, #happiness #hrief


Love color, don't you? You deserve a little color in your life everyday!5x7 prints, (photo prints of my artwork) #art #artprints #color #colorful

Happy Thursday enjoy the birds chirping. For they sing the song we all wish to hear daily.Message me if you would like an 8 x 10 print #birds

Who doesn't like a little pop of color....?Swipe to see more #artprints 5x7 inches $3 per print $2 mailed within the U.S. #artprint #print


Sometimes life just flows and happens...Appreciate it all and learn from it.... Fluid paintingLarge canvas #art #painting #fluid #fluidart #life

Everybody loves to get a card in the mail .... You can find the donkey and horse cards at @creekerboutique in Cave Creek, Arizona.🐦🐦🐦

Life is like an ocean wave, there are high and low tides (moments)and times of calm. One must learn to roll ( be one with the tide) with these tides