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The reconstruction of a traditional house was an impressive part of the museum showing and describing each room’s function and interior. The

Viking ship burial, from a poster used in the classroom. Stavanger Museum 22.11.2018

.Des cadres qui seraient de la couleur du mur sur lequel ils sont posés,Des cadres qui convoqueraient les désirs les plus intimes, Des cadres

Just a few pictures which show the horrors of harsh Icelandic life. Even corps can be named a piece of living art. And sometimes you have to study in

@ work this week. Giving a guest lecture to Museum Studies students about environmental monitoring and the effects of UV on artworks and how to

Wer war schon in der Ausstellung zu Picasso im @museumbarberini und wer möchte sie unbedingt noch sehen? Wir finden sie grandios und überraschend

Artist Brad Klausen acted as Pearl Jam's in-house graphic designer for nine years. In 2007 he opened his own design shop called Artillery Design that

Willem de Kooning‘Untitled XVIII’Oil on Canvas1976_Private CollectionSold Via Christie’sUSD 10,887,500_De Kooning was known to

Когда мартовские «обходы» у начинающих художников позади, самое время сходить за порцией вдохновения в музей! Группа Александра Ивановича Логвина из ОХК им. М.Б. Грекова уже изучает живопись Д.Фруминой и М.Муцельмахера, приглашаем и остальных студентов посетить выставку "Искусство принадлежит народу" до 7 апреля, и встречу с Тамарой Михайличенко - 30 марта! До встречи на ул. Польской, 19! #exhibition #museumlife #museumbleschunov #kvartira_no_6 #art #museumsofodessa #museumsofukraine

Alumnos de la Escuela Secundaria General No. 4 realizando actividades en sala durante su visita al #museoarocena

The Religious Society of Friends (AKA Quakers) was a small denomination in early 19th-century New England. Approximately how many Quaker meetinghouses

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I am here because I believe in authenticity. Within a gallery, within a safe space-time you can experience your becoming. If you pay attention, if you

So good to have our suffragettes’ handkerchief back here in #westhoathly after its loan tour to opendoors and the Royal College of Physicians. This

Today was spent surrounded by old radios, gramophones and televisions. I joined a small group of skilles radio enthusiasts to learn more, and maybe

What’s the best way to spend a day? Fossil hunting with furry friends, of course! ⁣☀️+🦴+🐺=❤️ ⁣⁣🐺: @freya_5nowdog5

Officer's Women's Army Auxiliary Corps and Women's Army Corps collar insignia .The Greek goddess Pallas Athene was selected by the Heraldic Section

Estes sábado, pelas 11h30 haverá aqui no museu a actividade para famílias "OS HOMENS VERDES", para famílias com crianças dos 6 aos 12 anos

Let’s be honest!... Back in the day, the royals had sense of good taste

There are so many science words out there and we love making videos about them. Our last round of "What Does it Mean" clips included all these fun

Don’t Freak out!! There is still time to visit “Correspondências”, by Amy Yoes. .Não fique com os nervos à flor da pele! Ainda tem tempo

Wist je dat er van de 'Donna Nuda' ruim tien varianten bestaan? Dit doek uit de Hermitage is het beste van alle en nu te zien in 'De schatkamer!'.

Three illustrations dated 1844.More than 170 years ago! 📖Wonderful 😍Book:"Atlas de Zoologie, ou collection de figures d'Animaux nouveaux;

We had a great time at our first of hopefully many trips to the Canmore Seniors Lodge getting our long-time Bow Valley residents help in identifying

I couldn't resist showing a pic of this ancient Greek hydria (vase) from my weekend museum trip. I'm addicted to beautiful objects and this hand

Incluimos hoy en nuestra hemeroteca la página que dedica la Agenda Taurina 2019 de España, América, Francia y Portugal, a una pequeña parte de

A casa Bagatti anche i soffitti erano originali e singolari: uno stile che accomuna tutti gli oggetti ed arredi della collezione.In quale stanza ci

More to the point, we are all works of art. Creations. Of life, experiences, dreams. Adding to our canvas daily. But also, contributing to those

Beep, boop, beep 🤖Swipe 👉 for shots of us learning about some emerging tech for classroom and outreach use.We visited the fine folks at the

#frischgebloggt Die Kurator*innen Manuela Husemann, Konrad Elmshäuser und Jennifer Smailes beantworten verschiedene Fragen zur Ausstellung „

Our Spring Break Camp is right around the corner!.🎊What could be better than letting your kids play, learn, and let their imaginations run wild

Vandaag ging ik met twee collega’s het museum in met een beperkingenpak aan. Hoe ervaar je je museumbezoek als je slecht ziet, hoort of slecht ter

#MUSMEpadova | #visitMUSMEEmozionante, Coinvolgente, Innovativo, Originale, Virtuale.Questo e tanto altro è il MUSME, il museo dove è vietato NON

Enlisted Collar Disc of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps and the Women's Army Corps.From the creation of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps in 1942

Silas finally followed his dream to be like our favourite Captain Nix, and became a US Paratrooper today! I'm sure Nix would be proud 😜♠

Butterfield has devoted her entire career to sculpting horses. She frequently uses mud and organic fibers in the work and also includes what she calls

The workers museumStep in the everyday life of Danish working class families....Zivot radnicke klase ljudi pre 100 godina,prikazan u ovom muzeju.

Today’s Corn Maze Adora is artwork No. 2,397 🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽 It was created by Serbian artist and photographer Vladimir Došenović

Pretty cool to have the text for #TheAmericanLibrary at the Speed translated into multiple languages. Nepali and Somali pictured. 🇳🇵 🇸🇴 So

🦕 Five years ago we received this shipment of 11,770 pounds of Alamosaurus fossils back from Research Casting, International, where they were

Vincent Van Gogh‘Farmhouse in Provence’Oil on Canvas1888_On ViewNational Gallery of Art @ngadc_Vincent van Gogh spent much of his working

Yesterday two of our @dumbartonhouse staff members presented at workshops at the Virginia Association of Museums Annual Conference!Collection &

EPIC! 🖤 courtesy @kristina_oneill of @WSJ @WSJmag:.Many have seen the #SistineChapel: It welcomes nearly seven million visitors per year. But few

Come visit me at work and we can talk about art and stuff.

This portrait of Elizabeth Gregory Nourse (1641-1711) is from the school of Mary Beale (1633-1699). Beale was one of the first professional female

Today we're organizing our library collections! 📚Since its founding, the Museum of Fine Arts has been collecting, besides works of art, various