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🌼It’s Tuesday evening! Time to start getting your thoughts together for the rest of the evening and prepare for tomorrow. Don’t wait until

Bad debt is debt that makes you poorer. I count the mortgage on my home as bad debt, because I'm the one paying on it. Other forms of bad debt are car

It’s hard to remember when things are tough that this too will pass, but it will, you’ll bloom again ✨

What lengths do you love? 💕——————————————————————————————— #becomeavanitydoll

Stop with the excuses! GET UP AND RUN LIKE A BOSS🔥 So, have a wonderful morning run! 😀 @runnerinspiration

Have you acknowledged your personal growth lately? You're making some subtle and profound changes in your life. Do you see it? Can you recognize it?

🌹Instead of saying “I don’t want this ...I don’t want that....reframe it with “I really want.....” affirm it, do the plan, take action

Tag that person 😏

B&W •.| When you photograph people in colors you photograph their clothes. When you photograph in black and white you photograph their souls

Imagine it, dream about just make sure you work at it. Your visions keeps you intact 😏 #GeesInk

Leave your worries about yesterday and start your new day with your own highest motivation 🌱By @lefanadanang_s #nature #flowers #beautiful

El enemigo silencioso... 🤫🧐 Reposted from @thegrowinginvestor - Procrastination is the enemy we all have to deal with, but we can control the


Welcome to the game of life where all sufferers, but the character I chose is to turn this game around. What ever tries to break me will strengthen me

Don’t EVER feel crazy! You are NOT crazy and you are not alone. Let’s talk. DM me for free advice. There are no limits! -Friendship advice-

"Dm let me show you how to trade and make profits from your comfort zone without stress.. with minimum investing amounts of $500 you could stand a

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If this is not true then I don’t know what is..

Todo es difícil antes de convertirse en fácil 🤔🧐

Alhamdullliāh! Ataa-e-Huzoor @sdimed1a. Events will be shared on Instagram Story! Please Share!💚

Acoustic Worship Night!-When: Tomorrow | 7-8:30PM-Where (Location Change): 948 16th Ct Mukilteo, WA 98275-What: Time With The Lord, Encouraging

Tuesday Visuals 📸

My new fave summer cocktail ~ Iced Blue Margarita. 🍸...

Do something fun that makes you feel you’re a child again....

Your works create more sounds than your voice, If u speak with your mouths then only few people will hear not all so scream with your works:- Gautam