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Our house came with a treadmill, so after LIIFT4 I hopped on. I forgot how good my mind and body feel after a run. Feeling extra thankful today

Es ist so weit.. mein Teenager-Dasein ist vorbei. Die Zeit hat mich eingeholt und ich merke schon langsam die körperlichen Einschränkungen, die das

🇺🇸Lilly King about to dive into the water!!. .🤩Follow the athlete @_king_lil ..📷we don’t own the rights to this photo DM for credit

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Zostały trzy tygodnie do pierwszego startu w tym sezonie 💪 a pogoda - jak dzisiaj - nakręca mnie do jeszcze mocniejszej pracy 😁 #gymaddicted

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Cada cicatriz narra una historia, son recuerdos de cómo la vida ha tratado de quebrantarme O doblegarme PERO EN CADA UNA DE ELLAS HA FALLADO

Just a current progress pic ⬆️My body is still reorganising, my weight loss is stagnant (2 kg ⬇️ in the last month) but I'm starting to see

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🍓Healthy eating doesn’t have to be difficult.🗻With my trip to Everest Base Camp And #guinnessworldrecord attempt in just over two weeks it’

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@lonjalibrefitness @beast.mode81 following our macro dieting program...leaning out nicely! Getting closer & closer to "Main Event" status

HAPPY SATURDAY FRIENDS! ☀️..Remember, your body doesn’t know it’s the weekend. Be mindful of your decisions and the food choices you’re

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Nothing worth having comes without struggle and effort, even if the struggle is to get to the point where it's possible and not with the thing itself

LEG DAY! 💪-👉 JEFFERSON SQUAT!Exercise:1️⃣ Place your front forward and your back Foot pointed sideways with a Barbell in between your

From “So Will I” by @hillsongunited.My prayer for myself and anyone who sees this today is that we will be as willing and eager as the wind to

An another awesome opportunity to teach entrepreneurs! How can you have generational income?How can you have financial freedom?

Body dysmorphia still a constant, but hearing GE sing “From the Eiffel Tower to those deep lagoons” makes it easier to forget. #kneehighboots

Brother from another mother. @joshuaa.rse

“One has to love one’s body. One has to love one’s soul. One has to love one’s totality”

Weekend vibes🙌🏼🐒

Half a dozen roses with my morning coffee.. if only they were real and brought to the door by a hunky fireman... ach well a girl can only dream


갬성 카페에서😁아쎄커 유쎄피

Seawheeze 💦 didn’t go as planned. @westjet cancelled my flight (no staff to fly the plane) so I landed at 730am (race started at 7). Huge shout