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Our second night in Ireland we stayed at at this awesome place. The tipi was very comfertable and cozy 👌🏻Highly recommended @basecamp_knader


The always lovely Santa Monica Pier, but with a long exposure twist 🌟 ...It’s always a challenge going to a popular landmark or location and

Rainy day a-frames

Islandia es uno de esos lugares donde vayas donde vayas encuentras algo especial. Este paisaje lo encontramos de casualidad, es más,no sabría

*cityhall*.Unsere Stadthalle im Zentrum eingerahmt von vielen Blüten 🌸🌿🌷

Living a night dream - 2017www.marcocalandra.comHypnotized of the milky-way shining during the darkest hour............

Chill afternoon at the village they filmed Hary Potter, Downton Abbey, and Pride and Prejudice on. 🏠(Lacock, 2018)........ #harrypotter


Arches was filled with these types of trees. It gave it a sinister air to the otherwise colorful landscape.........Altostratus | Dark Volume

Shhhhhh 🤫 stay quiet.. he’s listening to you 🌲🌲

What’s your Monday Mood? Flash back to this serene lagoon we came upon looking for sand dunes in Oregon earlier this year. Absolutely love exploring

I love to visit and discover new destinations and for the short time I was in Hong Kong, it certainly didn't disappoint. It was a crazy few days and


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The ragged cliffs of the Faroe Islands. Can you spot the hiker at the top of the mountain for scale?

Charming Verona

🤣🤣🤣🤣•If you are reading this, don’t forget to follow @moodzquotesss for more amazing content😫😊Its greatly appreciated

Definitely the best sunrise I’ve seen this year and at a location I’ve been trying to get color at for over 2 years, lucky 15th try 😜...

•If you are reading this, don’t forget to follow @moodzquotesss for more amazing content😫😊Its greatly appreciated 🥰• #mood

•If you are reading this, don’t forget to follow @moodzquotesss for more amazing content😫😊Its greatly appreciated 🥰• #mood


In regard to national parks, I consider Yosemite the Unparalleled Giant! 🏞••• @sonyalphapro Sony A7III, Sony 70-200mm F4; @BENROUSA Benro


On my way home from photography on Saturday night I saw the great light and just had to stop .. .. #special_shots #marvelouz_world

Se não há final tampouco resposta, pq ações devem ter sentido? Es o mistério da...vida... esquizofrenia. #mondaymood

⁣☆ L'amour du détail ☆⁣⁣J'aime les paysages grandioses, j'aime la vue infinie des océans, j'aime sentir l'air immense au dessus des

Seguimos igual... de hecho ésta puede que os suene, la subí en su día a stories.  The best is yet yo come! 🤞😊.... #montseny


Was out at Mikkeller Baghaven a few weeks ago and was lucky enough to see the fantastic Lowlife Brotherhood play. A very tight and fun Bluegrass band

“You fill up the frame with feelings, energy, discovery, and risk, and leave room enough for someone else to get in there.”—.—-[

Few reflections I caught at National Forum of Music building and I already know that's gonna be one of my favourite buildings in the city

Monday moods

🙄Los habitantes de Ladrilleros se ganan la vida transportando turistas en Jeeps,💲💸 esto es uno de los métodos más populares que aquí se

⚓Puerto de Buenaventura uno de lo más importantes en 🇨🇴Colombia. 🙄🤗El puerto ha influenciado de manera positiva la ciudad ya que ha


🇨🇴Barcos en el puerto de Buenaventura.🇨🇴🌊Buenaventura pertenece al Pacífico colombiano, 😄cuenta con un sin fin de actividades acu

16 mm fullframe is something nice for the woods. Here I used a hoya polarizer for the colors of the fog making the feeling perfect.

👉➡📲📷¡¡¡MEGA PANORAMICA❗❗❗ Puente de Cahuil.Desliza la foto para verla completa😉..👉➡️📲📷¡¡¡SUPER PANORAMIC

👉➡📲📷¡¡¡SUPER PANORAMICA❗❗❗ 😎Atardecer en el rio que desemboca en el mar con la presencia de los 💥cisnes de cuello negro en

Atardecer en Bucalemu, una grúa sostiene el sol☀️☀️.Sunset in Bucalemu, the crane holds the sun☀️☀️. #photographerfocus

🌟Muchos días observando las estrellas 🌟 logré tomar esta fotografía en la hora del Crepúsculo Astronómico captando estrellas fugaces, 🌠