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A poem for the first day of spring."And there you walkWith the morning under your skirt"Swipe to read more! 👉🏻

‪First piece I’ve done for Uni 🧡 I had to create an argument for its significance and themes. If anyone’s interested I can explain some of

Pinkprint.Day 79I really need to keep track of this “challenge” I’ll post a pic without the filter tomorrow cause I’m v tired and don’t

Kali kedua pada yang sama ~ Raisa.Terinspirasi dari MV kali kedua 😁.................📱zenfone liveEdit: lightroom

喧嘩で傷つけあうのも撫でて気持ち良さそうなのも器用に餌の殻をむくのもこのクチバシ。どんな風に知覚しているのか。気になる気になる。🐦 #iphoneSE

"Observe and Report"A photo taken at my local zoo ( @gladysporterzoo ) a while back in an attempt to capture the human condition through the

Underdressed for the Newfoundland tundra

J SET (custom press ons) starting at $8 for a 15 nail set starting at $12 for a 25 nail set {$3 for application with purchase} #affordable

Wrecked in Devon!A day out exploring this wonderful county and discovered this amazing old wreck!............... #uklandscapes

Se pierde lo que se tiene.No lo que se cree tener.Tiempo al tiempo.El tiempo es el único dueño de todos mis sueños :* #blackandwhite #bnw