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Zo gaat de molen, de molen, de molenZo gaat de molen, de mo-ho-len🎡🎉🎡Zo gaat de Dolly, de Dolly, de DollyZo gaat de Dolly, de Do-hol-ly

My driver behind becoming a Mercier Practitioner. I had been wanting to take this training for years after meeting @jennifer.mercier.nd while I was

It’s hard to make sense of why some people seem to have it ‘easier’ than others. Somehow life just seems to roll on by with the good outweighing

At the beginning of my workout today I wasn’t sure if I could do it. After a mile or 2 the doubts started to creep in but I started to repeat to

Je to neuveriteľné ale dnes už máš 9️⃣ mesiacov. Už 9 mesiacov si slniečkom celej rodiny ☀️ 9 mesiacov už ráno nepotrebujeme budík.

REAL food is beautiful 🌿_Our taco bowls had a face lift last night ( + yes I know we never taco on Monday but it happened 😆 ) #designatedmeals

Tu regardes mon Facebook & tu as envie de me rejoindre, tu as envie de démarrer ton activité chez ItWorks MAIS :--👉🏻 “On” t’a dit que

“This is when people give up. People give up when it gets hard, people give up when they get half way through, sometimes beforehand... because they

#パプリカ の歌にはまってる🌼😊🌼たんぽぽを手に、ご機嫌に歌いまくってました。at

Zurzeit arbeite ich an sehr vielen Kinderlogos, was mich als Mama natürlich sehr freut! ☺️😍 also ihr dürft auf weitere Designs gespannt sein

Today’s #oursensoryweather prompt is COLOR HUNT. We used our @bamtape to make colored squares on the floor. I asked Hunter to find objects and match

Heute habe ich wieder Rücken und Schulter trainiert. Derzeit mache ich einen 2er Split (2x Ok 2x Uk) und komme damit klar. Wenn es wieder langweilig

I had to have the flower. Low rise swimwear now makes me extremely self-conscious of my hysterectomy scar. So self-conscious that when I walk my hands

Fortschritt 😊. 2 Monate regelmäßiges Training liegen zwischen den beiden Bildern.Ich finde so langsam sehen meine Arme richtig gut aus

Today we're on our way to Lego Land and Sea Life and needed something to take on the bus with us... I had my niece stay last night and between her and

likely the closest i’ll get to posting a nude on here😳🙊yesterday i reached 8 weeks of breastfeeding ezra. something i always knew i wanted to

Happy Birthday to me! I'm going to try not to over indulge in cake and Chinese food tonight but I am happy I get to spend the evening with my husband

My favorite leg day! 💪 🔥

School starts again today! Hooray back in the routine. HIIT done for today! 👊🏻💪🏻

😘😘😘😘😘😘😘Borysek ostatnio pokazuje ''kto tu rządzi', ledwie daje rade 🙆🙆 brak sił, czasu, mam nadzieję, że ten niewielki

The best feedback we have had about Dyper brand is that they are a life saver. So many people have received the biodegradable diaper subscription as

Well look at this little poser 😍 god she’s growing fast! Can’t believe she’s 3 this year, she’s such a proper little diva now

I am so excited to welcome my beautiful friend Liz Nickson to our incredible team and family! Liz has been loving the shakes for the last few years as

3 miles this morning as I gear up for my 10th half marathon this Saturday. Fueling and supporting my body has become so important. Let’s get real, I

As of Monday, it will be exactly one week before we begin Real Time LIVE training with Autumn Calabrese and my time of preparation has been

База поставщиков 2019 🙈Отдам почти даром 😂☝️⏺️⏺️⏺️ #momlife  #funny  #lol  #me  #25

Unser größtes Glück ist 2 🎀🎂. Wir sind unendlich dankbar für ein gesundes und wundervollstes Kind🐻. Lieben Dank an alle die gestern an

Warum nehmen wir nicht einfach ein wenig Geschwindigkeit aus dem Alltag mit unseren Kindern. Lassen wir sie doch ein wenig mehr sein und verlangen

IT’S MY BESTIES BIRTHDAY!!! @musicophile_momma_ thank you for being my BEST BITCH, my ONE LAST DANCE PARTNER (until 4am), my RIDE OR DIE, my

Can he get any cuter? Basking in the evening sun before bath time! 🥺🥰💕👼🏻••••••••• #bloomingkiwi #kiwiandarlo

Riiise and shine and make all the coffeeeee! Right now, I do need a coffee the size of my entire body. Just bath in it and hope my skin soaks up the

So I think it's time to bring a little green into the house! But I do NOT have a green thumb....what are your recommendations for plants that thrive

Brother hugs in a freezing cold pool are the best 🤣♥️ #brothers

I never thought I’d be letting my little boy take on the big city 🌃 by himself —but that’s what makes parenting such a wild and impossible to

Zien jullie die krakende schommelstoel daar in de hoek ? Ik kocht hem toen ik zwanger was van Thijs, want ik wilde perse een schommelstoel in de

Damals waren wir in einer gemeinsamen Whatsapp-Gruppe, in der eine damalige Freundin aus Spaß meinte, dass Alex und Chrissi heiraten werden. Zu

If I can inspire people to grow and go for what they want then I know that I am doing something right ❤️. Take the moment and be grateful for what

Monday morning started off a bit manic! Had to be on location for a corporate headshot company at 8 AM. Behind the scenes... I packed 2 lunches,

Let’s not expect our kids to be perfect or do things correctly all the time. As long as we keep being persistent and give them lots of love and