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We rescued Nixie and her babies from impound just hours after she gave birth. This environment can be very stressful for animals. It's not uncommon

⭐25/05/2018⭐Todos podrían ver esto como una simple fotografía de una mujer embarazada... Pero para mi no es tan simple, esta foto representa


Is this real life? 😁It's easy to get short and irritated 😒 and stuck in a rut. Slow down take a deap breath and close your eyes! That's what I

Mom life can be a handful for sure!! How many moms with they could stay home and ensure everything is done right but still contribute financially to

Re-post! How did I crop her head out? This is too cute not to share. 💜😂 #momlife


Raise your hand 🙋 if this is you tonight? I know that I'm so ready for club bed.

These three had the best day today. We spent the afternoon with Grandad and Lynne, and they even got to ride Missy for the first time. I loved


I know you’ve got to grow up, and I’m learning to accept that as each day passes...but for now I’m so glad you want me to lay with you every

Early birthday dinner with all my loves ❤️

Gracias!!! #Repost @soymamasoyvegana ( @get_repost)・・・¡Tenemos pañal favorito!🦕🦖❤️ De verdad me encanto el ajuste, súper suave la

I had so much fun with this look today . Scroll left for my shadow look with eyes closed . We had the pleasure of changing lives today introducing our

My buddy, sidekick, life doer and friend. We go together like peas and carrots. We look and act alike and daddy says every day how much in trouble he


This guy took a header when we were out today. Thank goodness for impromptu ice packs, dad hugs, and lots of distracting snacks. #momlife

The last couple of days Ryker has been unusually fussy because he has cut his first two teeth (Yey!). With this big milestone, I can’t help but

My baby is not so little Baby anymore ~..Pas sheza baru 10 hari sempet mikir takut kalau dia tambah besar udah pasti aku makin bertambah umur dan

The perks of rolling with me to meetings...shrimp dumplings 🥟😄 Just glad he’s finally feeling better! #momlife #eventlife

Your Family vision will serve as your GPS. You might need a GPS when there are no landmarks or when it is absolutely dark. But your Family Vision


This is me. 🤣 Who else?!

Do you struggle with toy organization? I’ll be dropping some #tips this week!

Saturday night of a holiday weekend & here I sit, with a glass of wine, single-parenting #firewife & working on homework #fnpstudent May not be the


Today chilling with thee Howard Hughes Spruce Goose 🤓✈️✨••••••••••••* #wanderlust* #travelgram *

Day 6/42 🥳 Finished my first week of Transform:20 and feeling like a boss💃🏻... well, an old, broken down boss because my back effing aches

|💍| Home is where my husband is.|

This is our Calgary Dental House family!! *Clark and I fell in love while pursuing our Doctorate of Dental Surgery degrees from Indiana University in

“THE LLAMA AND CACTUS COLLECTION” 🇺🇸Set of 3 Low Cut Socks! Set Includes: Llama Print,Cactus Print, and Llama and Cactus Mix Print! So Cute

My husband let Luke explore in @Target while he chased him and he was like a kid in a candy store. And of course his little outgoing self made a

My sweet girl is pumped that summer break is here and I’m just trying to wrap my head around the fact that she will be in 5th grade next year


So it’s Memorial Day Weekend and I’ll be having PLENTY of yummy bevies and treats!🍹.I’ll also be focusing on quality family time instead of

I get this confused alot, but when I remember that only 2 people on the planet call me Mommy.......I put down my the dish sponge, the laundry, my

I still wake up thinking that I can’t believe this is my life. I have the most perfect baby girl, a loving husband, a cute dog, a house we love and

gimme all the sunshine, smiles and snow cones with these two ❤️

Did you really dress up and go somewhere if you didn’t take a bathroom selfie? 💁🏽‍♀️😂

Torn between wanting these difficult newborn days to be over and for them to never end. Everyone keeps telling me “it gets better later, I promise

They both look at me like I’m crazy, but if it wasn’t for me, they wouldn’t have a ride to their appts. 👩🏻🧒🏻👶🏻 #brothers