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Yay for forår 🥰 sol på himlen, friske bær og den obligatoriske kaffe selvfølgelig, kunne det være bedre ❤️ ....... #goals #family

“..It’s said that when your children find true love, parents find true joy. Here’s to your joy and ours

A mother's love is pure. A mother is the sun you can touch. kiss and hold without getting burnt. This Mother's Day, dress up, impress and slay in our

Most people are wondering what breaks their fast. Anything over 50 calories that can spike your insulin or has carbs and fiber will break your fast. I

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Hamilelikte çikolata olayını biraz fazla abarttığım doğrudur. 🙈🍫 Hani bi laf vardır ya “ye tatlıyı doğur hakkıyı” o laf bende

Today's podcast guest knows a little something about #goalcrushing and I think you're going to want to give this one a listen.Today I interview my

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Mi vida 😍Estamos un poco desaparecidos pero necesito más horas en mi día a día! JajaEntre el trbajo, mi niño y la casa..Además este bichito

😂😂😂😂 maman se moque de moi parce que je me suis levée comme ça au réveil 😂😂😂😂 mdr mon bébé t’es quand même trop beau

Homemade #bhelpuri😋 #mom'smagic #loveit

The hardest choice Require the strongest wills. Don’t fear change. You may lose something good, but you may also gain something great. #likeforlike

Quando os benefícios forem maiores que os riscos..A cesárea é uma cirurgia e, como toda cirurgia, tem riscos inerentes..Esta semana analisá

Mon bébé, ma toute petite..Que les dents faisaient tellement souffrir depuis 48h qu’elle ne dormait plus ni la nuit ni le jour, hurlait et se

✨I’m going to starve if I have to eat from those containers✨Yep that was my first thought 2.5 years ago when I opened the package and saw

Похожи или нет? На детских фотках мы с мамой на одно лицо, а сейчас я особо не вижу сходства🙈 Мне кажется, совсем разные🤔 Я, если начинаю всматриваться, заканчиваю на том, что у нас по одному носу и по два глаза! Для меня все люди становятся похожими друг на друга😅. #mom

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I often feel like and I are living parallel lives. We have the same racetrack, but I haven’t seen my kids make a “heart” yet

Ce matin c'était activés diverses pour Samy et pour moi aussi du coup ! 😛Sa préférée à été le petit atelier puzzle et lacets de chaussure

|| ROUDY||De lente hangt in de lucht. En daar worden we vrolijk van. #blijei @roudydekruijf en styling by @berdischouten....

I never thought 20 minutes a day would feel this amazing! I never thought coaching would be this much fun! But here I am enjoying every minute of it!

Pullover für Mirza🧒🏻 ❤

Give yourself some grace girl! Not every morning is going to run like clockwork(wouldn't that be great?) I was up at 4:30am ready to crank on my

Sezon sonu indirimlerimizi kaçırma ADAKİDS li 📣👍 bu sevimli hırka 92₺ yerine sadece 50₺ Sipariş ve bilgi için whatsaap 👉

When you've been dealing with pain for so long and one day it just disappeared, realizing you changed, your physical body changed, your thoughts

"How did you spend your 90-day maternity leave?" "Mostly glued to the couch/bed nursing her." Like, what do you expect?.Kenalkan, Daena. Yang sampai

Den första masken jag använder som jag verkligen känner skillnad av direkt. 🙌 En mask som funkar lika bra i ansiktet som på kroppen. Vill du

#ohgirl one smile can’t change the world, but your smile changes our 💕.•Genau heute vor einem Jahr durften wir einen positiven

❌TRX❌___________________________Work the whole body with these TRX moves.Do each 15 reps, 3 sets, 30 sec. rest.___________________________

I👈..I am🍁..I am a man🍂..I am a woman🍁..I am a human🍂..I am alive💛..I am living 💪..I am very important

.She is ready for VICTORY and a fresh start, and her eyes says it all. Put on your best for the best in 2019, be a QUEEN LIKE HER, and never give up