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Понаставили разного света, вот что получилось.Model @barsetkkaMakeup&hair @kovalinskaya_muaStyle

“Lo potevi insultare nei peggiore dei modi, ma se le toccavi il suo idolo, sarebbe stato in grado distruggerti con uno sguardo.”...

Update sore ya #KawanRD 😀 Ready! (Used):- Canon EOS 1100D + IS II Muluss Sekalii 😍- Canon EOS 600D + 18-55mm IS II Muluss Sekali 😱- Nikon

And the second in the series, quite proud of how this once turned out, you can see the baby blues. ............ #selfportrait. #picturesme

Be YouDo YouFor You.

Overall I've been really happy recently, I'm really thankful for all my friends, you make me so happy 💓📸: @lizzyvincentt

Понаставили разного света, вот что получилось.Model @barsetkkaMakeup&hair @kovalinskaya_muaStyle

_अपनी😎 ʟɨfɛ 😍का एक☝ उसूल 😡है दोस्तों 👬__

Stop thinking so negative.... Why not see the things that you go through as something that you needed to go through to become more than what you are

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'What she tackles she conquers' #pictureperfect  #photography  #fashion  #pictureoftheday #photographers_of_india  #_soi  #photogram

Louise | January 2019Something amidst the chaos💃 @louisertk

peek-a-boo @raimiel.carreon

👁️ Est-ce que toi aussi tu te sens plus à l'aise parfois en total look noir? Je me suis aperçu que selon mes humeurs le noir avait quelque