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The city has hypnotized every soul that has come across its exclusivity and developed taste for it...!!!......... #gatewayofindia #mumbai

I will never be able to explain what you are to me ! A best friend , a sister , a supporter , you are everything. I love you so much❤️ #bff

CON NOSOTROS NO Estos dos hombres son todo y un chin mas para mi los amooooo gracias por siempre estar ♡♡♡ Nos vemos orita mis chicos...

was reminded of these ocs because i got the inked piece back yesterday--only had about three hours on that one so it's super rough but i'll probably

Comme dans un rêve💫

I love u 🥳

Huhh Slayer 🔥---She deserves endless amount of love and support ✨Reeja you are one epitome of beauty along with swag , She fits into every

Lørdags snolder 🤪 Imorgen skal vi ned og se Lærke lave gymnastik opvisning, hvilket vi glæder os helt vildt til 🤸🏼‍♀️🎊 #lø

>>Das Pferd ist dein Spiegel. Es schmeichelt dir nie. Es spielt dein Temperament. Es spiegelt auch seine Schwankungen. Ärgere dich nie über dein

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