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It was rough going energetically last week. I definitely felt it building up to that Scorpio Blue Full Moon. I had to live in that vulnerability of

MINDFUL MOMENT 🧘‍♂️ on your yoga mat. 😌 “Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your


Be the energy that others wish to be around 💥 HAPPY MONDAY‼️~Turn your passion into your profession, live the life you love and love the life

Vee Bahar Hocamız ile birlikte gerçekleştirdiğimiz sessizlik inzivamız bitti. 🧘‍♀️😇 Sabah yogayla başlayıp, gün boyu meditasyon


👌🏼Monday Motivation👌🏼 ~ What is life? ~ Is it just feeding the nightmares and dreams, to keep them alive?For me, it’s spreading love

Votre âme désir simplement servir dans la joie et nager dans un flot de bonheur constant qui vous apporte tout ce dont vous avez besoin. Concentrez-

Life still surprises me. It's almost unbelievable what can happen when you have open mind and heart and possess a leap of faith and have a courage to

MEET THE HOMEWORKERS!Today marks the first day of telling you a bit about each of the wonderful homeworkers featured in the latest issue of The

Growing up so fast!⠀You are busy discovering the world, asking questions, learning new things and trying things out. I love being there with you

Over mindfulness training.Als we mindfulness oefeningen doen en die gaan toepassen in ons dagelijks leven,kan het resultaat verbluffend zijn. Vaak

New week, New start. Last week was mental health week but if you remember I was going to post something one day then totally forgot what it was. Well


This list is a little exhaustive and not so easy to achieve, but it’s a damn heap better than staying miserable and stuck in feelings of low self

El presente es lo único real, por lo tanto, lo único que importa. Si te pasas el día pensando o diciendo que algún día te gustaría que sucediera

Imagine you're scrolling instagram see a picture or caption that triggers you emotionally. Here, you become reacte to someone's behaviour and words.

🔮DAILY READ 5.20.19 🔮Transmuting pain into wisdom is the name of the game. Just face it because what’s on the other side is just soooo good


Who am I after cancer? How do I accept the new me? How do I handle a new 'post cancer identity'? These are a few of the questions we answer together


Lasst uns motiviert und stark in die neue Woche starten - wie @annaslifebalance zum Beispiel! 🎉💪🏻 Welche Accounts inspirieren und motivieren

How about starting this week with some mindfulness? Monday shows up and we get easily caught in all the To-Dos that want to be taken care of during

NUTRIÇÃO – BRÓCOLOSOs Brócolos são um vegetal crucífero relacionado com o repolho, couve, couve-flor e couve de Bruxelas. Os brócolos são


NUOVA COLLABORAZIONE!.Servizio di #logopedia 🗣️..La logopedia si occupa dello studio, della prevenzione, della valutazione e della


Today simply reflect on the day that was and the day that will be, about decisions to come, and about what you’ve learned from the past

How do you fill your cup? Is it empty or overflowing? 💜What can you do to prioritise your needs? 💜Your commitment to you and looking after

Beautiful things will start to happen when you distance yourself from negativity. Don’t let people pull you into their storm pull them into your

Dag 78/100 #100daysofgratitude Dankbaar voor inspiratie en schoonheid, voor musea dichtbij huis! Gistermiddag spontaan baar het Gemeentemuseum Den

¿Qué sería de nuestra vida sin arte y sin naturaleza? 🤔, sería una vida muy muy incompleta. @robertasada en Galería de @rociocastelo_ ..

Beliefs can be changed, nothing is permanent. You are NOT your thoughts. You are what choose to show up as each day and that’s yours and yours alone

SOCIAL MEDIA ~ SOCIAL RELATIONS AS A METHOD OF ANAESTHESIA .Las noticias sensacionalistas y toda clase de entretenimientos que tenemos a mano


Elsinar sports and swimwear is created for all the women who always try to be the best version that they can be, let your style speak for itself and

Namaste! Wie schön, dass du da bist. 🙏🏼 Ich heiße Franziska. Mein 200h Yoga-Teacher-Training habe ich im Januar 2018 in Indien abgeschlossen.

Freedom 🌈 gratitude 🙏🏽 perfection 🙌🏽 & inner peace ✨ - what comes to my mind when I‘m out in nature 🌲🌳🌞... #nature

We are often stuck with those unpleasant memories, hurt, rejections. It's the waves of emotions pleasant or not pleasant we get carried away with. In

Se una cosa non ti è costata nessuna fatica, vuol dire che l’hai fatta male☕_________________________________________ #monday #motivation

⠀⠀⠀⠀< Connection with Nature , 2019

After one adventure comes another! 🤙.Yesterday we woke up to work our last day at @utehelg in Stockholm then we fell asleep in Mora 》》


#mirrorimage I love this pose and one of my favourite !Get initiated into Yoga if not yet; how about starting with Om chanting! 👍🏼 #wellness

These 3 crystals are energetically ‘attuned’ to soothe anxiety. Raise your vibration, renew your energy and restore your sense of calm. ✨✨✨

Good morning Monday!🌱🔭🌻💃Start the day with a bang. Have your eating and exercise game plan down, and have fun.If we don't buy, chances

Morning walk. Morning devotion. Morning buddy...she’s the best! Never talks back and that’s the way I like it in the morning. Silence = self-care

Hello ma team! Cette session est pour les guitaristes. Vous etes nombreux a me demander les accordages de mes chansons pour les jouer au coin du feu

Listen to the Sounds of Nothing 😑🙏to Discover Love in Everything ❤️☀️❤️.....find Truth in Silence & Learn to be Still...give

speak your Truth w/ Kindness & Love 🐾fight Fear & Hate by Rising Above 🙏❤️.....stay True to Compassionand Learn to Flow 😑🙏