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**Link in bio!**Digital addiction real and it’s affecting each of us. Here’s a short article I wrote last year, based on a talk I had been giving

“Não é o mais forte da espécie que sobrevive, nem o mais inteligente, mas sim o que mais se adapta as mudanças

You can’t touch the future while holding onto the past. FOReGIVE. Give it ahead of time. @oladiamonds _______________________________________

You can’t touch the future while holding onto the past. FOReGIVE. Give it ahead of time. @oladiamonds _______________________________________

Me and my girls...just feeling love ❤️. My girls inspire me each and every day to be the best me I can be. Some days are better than others but

The scent of grapefruit is uplifting, soothing and clarifying. It’s well known to help relieve stress and induce feelings of peace and relaxation

Ha! Even the grumpiest can't help but smile at unexpected, fun wacky things... I noticed this "workman" inside the large clock at Amsterdam's Schiphol

Vanilla body mist from @bootsuk I just love the vanilla smell it makes me happy ! Scientists have proven smelling the right smell can change are mood

My happy place 🥰 Juggling five jobs, full time uni, launching an event and my own business is not something I would recommend. But I can manage

Find YOUR way to balance with us✨.New class👉Instead of Friday we offer our class now on Thursday ⏰ 19:15-20:30📍Stuckgasse 14/4 1070

Прошло третье занятие на нашем курсе по mindfulness

🌟To change your life you have to change yourself. To change yourself you have you change your mindset.🌟 Mindset is absolutely everything and

Free community fitness classes 3/25-30. Register online - link in bio.

It's important to have all your ducks lined up and be aware of yourself as it is inevitable that life is going to surprise you and try to knock you

VISUALIZACIÓN GUIADA REFUERZO POSITIVO¡Podéis ver el vídeo completo en mi canal de! #youtubevanessamartinardanazCada vez son más l @s alumn @s

@style_worthy summit:"Visual artist and stylist, Mona is on her way to achieving greatness with her sense of visual style.⁣..Come see Mona talk

“How do you react to change and drain? How do you react to challenges or things that you may not want to do? Yoga reminds us to act consciously

No one knows what you need to do more than you do. Cry when you need to, Its relieving. Laugh when you need to, its healing. Sit alone when you need

Hernia Abdominal Son producidas por una protrusión del intestino debido a un debilitamiento en la pared abdominal, que se manifiesta como un bultito

In der aktuellen Episode erklärt mir Adaeze Wolf von, wie man sich auch im stressigen Alltag gesund ernährt 🥗🌽🍌 ... nä

Didn’t finish work in time to get to a cleansing yoga class so instead I cleansed with Epsom salts and essential oils whilst watching Netflix #bath

|Frivillig enkelhet|En dag ska jag skriva en bok om att hinna leva innan vi dör. Det ska bli en bok som inspirerar till att leva socialt och

cruesli/granola cookie crumbsfor this cruesli/granola i have used previuosly made cookie crumbs in combination with; oatmeal, raisins, apple, honey

Zum gestrigen Frühlingsbeginn möchten wir dich dazu ermutigen, den Frühling achtsam zu begrüßen. Vielleicht machst du einen kleinen Spaziergang,

✨◑✨Spring equinox and the full moon brings balance in the air ✨ Light and dark meeting each other as equals ✨ From now we enter into longer

Knowing your worth and having self confidence willl erdicate the need for any external vaildation, from anyone. Own your power. ....

Nuestro más sincero agradecimiento AgrupArte,  una iniciativa privada surgida en la ciudad de Vitoria-Gasteiz hace 30 años, con un objetivo social

I have had the privilege of visiting over 200 students the past week!!!! We set intentions and planted seeds together for love, kindness, curiosity,

Good morning on this Thoughtful Thursday. Dare to rise 🌤 and shine.☀️✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #MotiveOfTheDay #Hope

On Echo Beach Waves make the only sound On Echo Beach There’s not a soul aroundOn Echo beachI watch the sun go down ... #justbreathe #sand

Countdown to Easter! 🐣 Calling all girls 9-16. Come and join us for a fun packed day at the Go Girl Academy Easter Camp at

FRESH NEWS 💃🚀.My space activity is growing A LOT! If you love Space and Weightlessness follow me at @jeanne_in_flight (link in bio 💃).

Look at me and tell me the truth.Tell me what you want.Tell me what you see.Tell me what you’re thinking.Tell me what you feel.❤️ #me #love

living DRESSED is STANDPOINT You are somebody. You are amazing. You are incredible. I know that because you are here and you’re trying.

Life is social interactions are growing.But, it’s the quality of the conversation that matters. Always have gratitude, always

.Mindful Communication.Cultivating an intention to understand the other person's perspective is another component of successful communication. In

This is not always easy, but it is the way forward. Thank you for this important reminder Alexandria 🙌⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣⁣⁣

Congrats to Gabriel Hereda for losing 18 KG in 90 days with ZP8. No dieting, no restrictions, no special drinks, pills or patches. Just PFC every

My last post was all about nurturing yourself instead of pushing into hole. ⁣⁣Here are several biofeedback you should be paying attention to

“The #erotic has often been misnamed by men and used against women. It has been made into the confused, the trivial, the psychotic, the plasticized

All I need is... my girls and a little wine