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a "metaphorical suicide" should be happening in our lives everytime we out grow things that no longer serve us!!! credit for the 📸:

The Grasshopper MentalityNumbers 13: 26-33For you to have Spiritual realities - The law of the mind is the second law a man must obey [Gen 11:3-6

You must pacify your thoughts in order to become a completely perfect buddha free of any conceptual elaboration, to achieve the indivisibility of the

"La creación es un acto natural de la vida así como la destrucción, el equilibrio es el sentido de la experiencia subconsciente, la observación de

Named after the lemon shark which chooses to eat high quality fish, we are committed to wild, traceable, sustainable seafood. NO EXCEPTIONS‼️

Empty spaces, what are we living forAbandoned places, I guess we know the scoreOn and onDoes anybody know what we are looking for.


*느림이란 시간을 급하게 다루지 않고, 시간의 재촉에 떠밀려가지 않겠다는 단호한 결심에서 나오는 것이며, 또한 삶의 길을 가는 동안 나 자신을 잊어버리지 않을 수 있는 능력과 세상을 받아들일 수 있는 능력을 키우겠다고 확고한 의지에서 비롯하는 것이다. #피에르쌍소.✔ 다시 한번 더, 마음에 새기며 기분 좋은 발걸음

Try this super set next time you work out. It’s pretty hard but will get your entire upper body feeling great! To make it a little easier you can


As the feminine arises again out of the ashes, so to speak, the ancient mysteries of Egypt are returning. And the returning of this knowledge is

"Most times, the best defence is offence." #idigaPost credit @tombilyeu

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Think and Grow Rich (1937)By Napoleon HillPoem: Thinking (1905)By Walter D. WintleRead difficulty - 1 of 5

I stand here today in Love, Grace and Gratitude..Rose: The oil of Divine Love.Arborvitae: The oil of Divine Grace.Spikenard: The oil of Gratitude

Got addicted to the @umbrellaacad and had to paint Klaus played by @rozzymikesEnjoy!There will be a speed-painting of this peace soon! :D

Have a healthy weekend💛 ...You’ve worked too hard this week to blow it out the water now👊🏻 . ..Eat well🍏hydrate💧and get that

Messiah Foundation Canada is pleased to announce our participation in the upcoming Body, Soul, Spirit Expo located at The Enjoy Centre, Alberta, 101

We often think "When I have ____ then I'll be happy." But when we shift our mindset to seek joy, suddenly abundance is everywhere. Joy and gratitude

Parsvottanasana - one of my morning sequence to wake up legs and remove sleepiness and stiffness. Abdomen is pressed and therefore is toned also. "

Straight outta bed and into a run! @city2surf_christchurch you win✔️.... No training, no worries! Famous last words 😜...................

G’Afternoon! 🙌🏽You can use shown set of acupuncture points or energy points ⚡️on both sides of the lips to lift the corners of the mouth,

I really love the heels elevated goblet squat to prep my clients for barbell squats along with any split squat variation. I love the goblet squat due

⏺Palabra que te identificas y qué crees que con ella llegaras lejos ⏺🔥🔥 Aprende a generar dinero por redes sociales 💰 #mind

⏺Has lo que sea necesario para alcanzar lo que tanto anhelas➡Aprende a generar dinero por redes sociales 💰 #marca #mindfulness #mind

È passato un anno tra uno scatto e l’altro. Nel mezzo c’è tutto quello che non si vede. Impegno, costanza, sudore, pianti, alimentazione sana, 8

Time and health are two precious assets that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted. ~Denis Waitley #flexfriday #fitness