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چقدر برای هدفت تلاش می کنی؟... #Shenzhen # Guangdong

"I don't count the days, I make the days count!" ~ Muhammad Ali♣What do you think?♣What is one thing you could do today to make today count


If you stand for a reason, be prepared to stand alone like a tree and if you fall on the ground ,fall like a seed that grows back to fight again.


maui's gifts are colors. with the sun everything just looks in the land of milk and honey. I guess maui is...avocado heaven as we are part of nature

Kau lebih suka membangun rumah merampas tanah.kau lebih sukaa membangun jalan raya membangun pagar besi..seumpama bunga kami adalah yang tak kau

‪雨降ってるよ‬ ‪文字:雨降ってる‬ @imajmitchell のインスタストーリーより‬ #AJ

CATHOLICS TAKE NOTES MARY ADMITTED SHE NEEDED A SAVIOR And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord, And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour


While most people relish the thought of a bank holiday weekend, for others it can be a cause for concern, worry, anxiety... ..You're already busy

कोशिश करना और करना दो अलग-अलग बातें हैं। जब आप कोशिश करते हैं, तो आप आशा करते हैं। जब आप करते हैं, तो आप स्वीकार करते हैं। Comment "Yes" If you agree..Follow ( @ll.yunus_shaikh.ll ) for more.Like | Comment | TagFollow @ll.yunua_shaikh.llFollow @ll.yunus_shaikh.llFollow @ll.yunus_shaikh.ll #inspiration #motivated #successquotes #motivationalquotes #millionaire #alwayslearning #ambition #money #hustle #buildyourempire # #succestip #mind #quote #millionairelifestyle #goodlife #successful #mindset #style #lifequotes #success #motivation #inspirationa #ll.yunus_shaikh.ll

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What a miracle being alive, healthy and so powerful. Work on your body but also don’t forget working with your mind. Everything less used gets

Supera i tuoi limitiOvercome your limitsJoin me at su #limitless


BÄSTA MORSDAGSPRESENTEN: Heldags Löpteknikskurs med föreläsning avslutas med tillgång till poolområdet på Sankt Jörgen Park Spa den 8 juni.

Master Psicologia dello Sport Mindfulness con training di resistenza al freddo tramite respirazione e team Building. Con anche prove di apnea

‪AJのママ「ヘイ、ハニー今夜はサードウィールになるのかしら?」‬ ‪AJ:「多分ね」‬ ‪AJのママとAJ

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Interested in learning Meditation and Mindfulness? DM us for one-on-one guidance. Namaste. _____ #selfrealization #selfimprovement #love

‪AJのママ: 「ボーイズ(AJと友人のShawnさん)は今夜プロムに行くのよ」‬ ‪AJ @ally_mitche11

Negaraku sedang sakit.Dimana-mana terjadi perpecahan.Hanya perkara angka.Dimana Bhinneka Tunggal Ika?!Dimana Sila Ke-3?!Kita boleh berbeda.Saya

We can spend so much time and energy looking for something, a part of us, something to make us complete, feel like we belong or have an importance

Fight for that what you Love...My word for you on sunday morning...feel free and enjoy every breath in your life... •••❤️ #health


♾Singer : @mohsen_namjooDancer : @khatoon_fallahEditor : @hamed.m.101

Thank you @hallamphilippa.-How has massage benefited you?


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‪文字:📸写真をこの場所で撮ろうって考えたのは僕等だけじゃなかったみたいだね。‬ @imajmitchell

‪聞こえた?これが自然だよみんな、自然‬ ‪文字: 鳥がさえずっているよ。‬ @imajmitchell