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Visualisations gives to you a power to create own destiny and this activity always trained to your subconscious mind to achieve something about your

Selamat 7 bulan anak cantik Mama Papa yang selalu suka senyum.. Mama and Papa are so happy and proud to see every milestones that you achieved! Gak

Congratulations to #codyeakin for reaching the 20 goal mark for the first time in his career!This goal also makes it a tied game,1-1 late in the

So had my first car buying experience today! I now have a car of my own! Bittersweet to expirience this with out my momma but I know that she would be

You guys, I got the CUTEST little bunny in our studio today!!! This is her REAL eye and lip color, so jealous!!! I seriously did not enhance them at

Happy birthday!! Today is this magnificent creature's first birthday, and on National Puppy dat no less. Happy birffdaiii baby! You're the part of our

早く見たいライブモンスター!・ナッシングスロスすぎて欲しているライブモンスターはやっぱりライブなんだ!ナッシングスの音は最高✨・ #milestone #nothingscarvedinstone #ナッシングスカーブドインストーン #ナッシングス #カッコよさハンパない #HIHまでもうすぐ #拓ちゃんの声で煽られ #ウブさんのギターに酔いしれ #ひなっちのベースにトリハダが立ち #オニィのドラムで体が揺れる #待ってるよ


The  #PoonaInstituteOfManagement witnessed the most  #invigorating #happening  #milestone in its  #history. Presenting you the glimpses of 

Happy 60th birthday Fely. Hope you and your guest enjoyed your cake made beautifully by @craftedcakes

Reposted from @cikarang_babywearers - Assalamualaikum warohmatullohi wabatokatuuhHallo Ibuuk Ibuuk pembelajar👩🏻‍🦳👩🏻‍🦳CBW

I know it’s a week late but I’ve been busy okay 😂•21 and I’m still late to everything 😅🎉•• #21 #birthday #party #drinking

Congratulations to Henry Cheng Kat, Sonia ,n Adrain , for the hard work of 8 years into making Rosewood as the most stunning n gem of HONG KONG !n the

Dance like no one is watching!! Capture your child's spirit and innocence while they are still little and not afraid. Celebrate their age , their

Only in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day I would build a business around snuggling babies. ❤️ This is 4 week new Briella and she has


Another cool #milestone today...🥇1st place in age group and 3rd place overall, plus reached 100 miles for the @_runtheedge_ challenge. Not to

Inspired by our recent 3rd year graduates from Inagakuen. I will miss seeing them at school but I'm happy most where able to get into their top

Good morning Jakartans ....Today is a big and very important day, as we are going to inaugurate the official use of our first MRT .....Yes, a

Today we reached 5K Subscribers on our YouTube Channel. We are growing every single day and we are so extremely thankful for every single one of our

🎉 Celebrating our four year #meetversary at the place where we had our first date! 🥰 and this happen to be my 800th post! What a special day. It

Reached my goals for Community day!!! Found 21 shiny Treecko!!! Reached over 900 shiny Pokemon caught!!! I finally got my first shiny Solrock after

Assalamualaikum warohmatullohi wabatokatuuhHallo Ibuuk Ibuuk pembelajar👩🏻‍🦳👩🏻‍🦳CBW akan mengadakan Kulwhap📒 lagi nih

🔥🔥I can never remember if I already posted things so that’s embarrassing if I’ve been posting the same things💀••• @elle

Introducing baby Benjamin, 14 days new. He was so good for me!

I'm on boat! So excited to finally accomplish this goal. It's been a long time coming, but Derrick and I are now the proud owners of this sweet

Milestone 🎇💕🥳🎊🎉 I said this before: I was very very hesitant to sell items outside ebay, and I started posting cheap items on Mercari

sweet little peach 🍑

As a #BrandManager, my ninth role in the beverage industry, I couldn’t be more grateful and proud of the team I work with. .Being part of a team